Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit (BN00004)

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Cellular Assay
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Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit

Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit is based on the observation that soon after initiating apoptosis, cells translocate the membrane phosphatidyl-serine (PS) from the inner face of the plasma membrane to the cell surface. Once on the cell surface, PS can be easily detected by staining with a fluorescent conjugate of Annexin V, a protein that has a high affinity for PS. The one-step staining procedure takes only 10 minutes. Detection can be analyzed by flow cytometry or by fluorescence microscopy.

Key Informations Description

Detection Method

Flow cytometry (Ex = 543 nm; Em = 570 nm) and fluorescence microscopy

Size Options

  • 25 Assays
  • 100 Assays
  • 400 Assays

Species Reactivity




Features and Benefits

  • Simple one step staining procedure in 10 minutes
  • Fast and convenient
  • Cy3 shows brighter red fluorescence

Kit Components

  • Annexin V-Cy3
  • 1X Binding Buffer

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Shipping Conditions

Gel Pack


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.