Cell Fractionation Kits

Cell Fractionation Kits

  • Cell Fractionation Kit (BN00539)

    Cell Fractionation Kit (BN00539)

    This Cell Fractionation system is designed to provide reproducible extraction of four subcellular protein fractions (Cytosol, nucleus, membrane/particulate, and cytoskeletal fractions) from a single mammalian sample. The method is fast and simple,...
  • Cell Surface Protein Isolation Kit (BN00548)

    Cell Surface Protein Isolation Kit (BN00548)

    Cell surface proteins play a major role in signal transduction, cell adhesion, transport and serve as diagnostic and pharmacological targets. Assay Genie's Cell Surface Protein Isolation Kit provides a simple and efficient method for the isolation of...
  • Core Histone Isolation Kit (BN00502)

    Core Histone Isolation Kit (BN00502)

    Histones are small alkaline proteins that interact with eukaryotic DNA to form the fundamental subunit of chromatin known as the nucleosome. The core histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 form the central spooling unit of the nucleosome; with two copies of each...
  • Cytosol/Particulate Separation Kit (BN00536)

    Cytosol/Particulate Separation Kit (BN00536)

    The location and translocation of proteins, signaling molecules, and other small molecules inside cells regulate cell growth, differentiation and many other cellular functions. Separating cytosol and particulate fractions is an important step in studying...
  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) Kit (BN00544)

    Immunoprecipitation (IP) Kit (BN00544)

    Immunoprecipitation (IP) is widely used in research and development, by which a protein can be selectively purified from samples. Assay Genie's immunoprecipitation kit provides optimized buffers for preparing cell/tissue extracts, antigen binding and...
  • Lysosome Purification Kit (BN00503)

    Lysosome Purification Kit (BN00503)

    Lysosomes are membrane-bound cell organelles found in most animal cells (except red blood cells). Lysosomes are spherical vesicles containing hydrolytic enzymes capable of breaking down different kinds of biomolecules, including proteins, nucleic acids,...
  • Mammalian Cell Extraction Kit (BN00538)

    Mammalian Cell Extraction Kit (BN00538)

    The Mammalian Cell Extraction Kit provides optimized cell extraction buffer, protease inhibitor cocktail, and DTT for convenient extraction of mammalian proteins from cultured cells and tissue samples, under nondenaturing conditions. Cell lysate prepared...
  • Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (BN00537)

    Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (BN00537)

    The Membrane Protein Extraction Kit provides optimized buffers and reagents for effective extraction of membrane proteins from mammalian tissues and cells. Unlike other available procedures that can only extract the total cellular membrane proteins...
  • Microsome Isolation Kit (BN00514)

    Microsome Isolation Kit (BN00514)

    Microsomes are spherical vesicle-like structures formed from membrane fragments following homogenization and fractionation of eukaryotic cells. The microsomal subcellular fraction is prepared by differential centrifugation and consists primarily of...