CRISPR sgRNA Synthesis Kit (BN00128)

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CRISPR sgRNA Synthesis Kit

Assay Genie’s CRISPR sgRNA Screening Kit (S. pyogenes) is a very handy and efficient tool for selecting the most promising sgRNA design to be used with the spCas9 system. sgRNA sequences can be synthesized using our Classic or Express CRISPR sgRNA Synthesis Kit (Cat. No. #BN00129 and #BN00130 respectively). The target template for screening will be PCR-generated using the 2X PCR MasterMix included in this kit. The sgRNA screening conditions have been optimized and the sgRNA cleavage reaction can be completed within one hour. In vitro screening and selecting the most efficient sgRNA design can greatly reduce the time and labor investment in any downstream CRISPR genome editing applications.

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Kit Summary

For generating the highest quality sgRNAs for the spCas9 system.


sgRNA in vitro studies sgRNA in vitro screening

Features and Benefits

Easy streamlined setup No PCR cleanup required RNaseOFF ribonuclease inhibitor included in the reagents for extra protection

Kit Components

  • Cas9 Nuclease NLS Protein
  • 10X Cas9 Reaction Buffer
  • Control Primers & Template
  • Protein Degrader
  • Control sgRNA
  • Cell Lysis Buffer
  • 2X DistantTM PCR Mix (#M1136-200)
  • Nuclease-free H2O

Storage Conditions


Shipping Conditions

Dry Ice


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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