Isocitrate Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00880)

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Isocitrate Colorimetric Assay Kit

Isocitric acid (HOOC-CHOH-CH (-COOH)-CHCOOH) is an intermediate of the Krebs TCA cycle, positioned between citrate and keto-glutarate. It is the branch point from which the glyoxylate shunt operates in plants and lower organisms. Isocitrate is found in substantial concentrations in many fruits and vegetables as well as in foods produced from these raw materials. In the TCA cycle, isocitrate is oxidized by isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) to ketoglutarate with the generation of NAD(P)H. Loss of NAD-IDH has been implicated as a potential causative factor in retinitis pigmentosa. Assay Genie's Isocitrate Assay Kit provides a simple, sensitive and rapid means of quantifying isocitrate in a variety of samples. In the assay, isocitrate is oxidized with the generation of NADPH which converts a nearly colorless probe to an intensely colored species with a ax of 450nm. The Isocitrate Assay Kit can detect 1 to 20 nmoles (~0.2-5 µg) of isocitrate.

Figure 1: Isocitrate standard curve generated using this kit protocol.

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100 assays

Detection Methods

Absorbance (450 nm)

Species Reactivity



Isocitrate Assay Kit can detect 1 to 20 nmoles (~0.2-5 µg) of isocitrate.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple procedure; takes ~ 40 minutes
  • Fast and convenient
  • Kit contains all necessary reagents for accurate measurement of isocitrate levels

Kit Components

  • Isocitrate Assay Buffer
  • Isocitrate Enzyme Mix
  • Substrate Mix
  • Isocitrate Standard (100 mM)

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Gel Pack


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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