Kit for Urine Exosomes (BN00095)



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Kit for Urine Exosomes

Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm) actively secreted by exocytosis by most living cells. Exosome release occurs either constitutively or upon induction, under both normal and pathological conditions, in a dynamic, regulated and functionally relevant manner. Both the amount and molecular composition of released exosomes depend on the state of a parent cell. Exosomes have been isolated from diverse cell lines (hematopoietic cells, tumor lines, primary cultures, and virus infected cells) as well as from biological fluids in particular blood (e.g. serum and plasma from cancer patients) and other body fluids (broncho alveolar lavage fluid, pleural effusions, synovial fluid, urine, amniotic fluid, semen, saliva etc). Exosomes have pleiotropic physiological and pathological functions and an emerging role in diverse pathological conditions such as cancer, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.
ExoGenie allows exosome isolation from biofluids or cell culture media and FACS analysis of exosome markers. The kit consists of ExoGenie for exosome isolation, 4 µm beads for the overall capture of pre-isolated exosomes and lyophilized exosomes from cell culture supernatants or human biological fluids as the positive control. The characterization of exosomal proteins (membrane expressed or internal) is subsequently performed using appropriate detection antibodies against exosome associated antigens. Assay Genie offers different ExoGenie kits for staining of exosomal markers from human biofluids (plasma, urine, serum, saliva) and from cell culture supernatants. ExoGenie contains reagents for 20 reactions (lyophilized exosomes, beads, antibodies and buffers). Primary antibody included in the kit is against a common exosomal marker (CD9 or CD63) and can be used as a positive control for protein profiling via FACS analysis.

Figure: ExoGenie kit with human Urine samples. Exosomes from human urine (healthy donors pool); Primary ab – aCD9; Secondary ab – Alexa 488

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20 reactions

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FACS Analysis

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Kits ensure exosome isolation and exosome marker characterization via FACS, Exosome comprehensive profiling, User friendly and suitable for multiple marker analyses, No initial exosome purification required, Lyophilized Exosome Standards for positive control included

Features and Benefits

Exosome isolation and exosome marker characterization via FACS

Kit Components

  • Exosome Reagent
  • FACS-beads
  • Primary Antibody
  • Secondary Antibody
  • Sample Buffer (5X)
  • Exosome Standards (100 )

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For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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Molecular Tools
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