Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay (BN01101)

  • Cell Biology Assays Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay BN01101
  • Cell Biology Assays Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay BN01101


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Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay

The Assay Genie Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay allows for quantitative evaluation of lysyl oxidase activity of purified enzyme and its inhibitors as well as secreted endogenous enzyme in cell media. Enzyme activity is detected upon oxidation of substrate, which results in release of reaction intermediates. Reaction intermediates are subsequently detected by Assay Genie's LOX Probe, resulting in fluorescent signal that can be measured at Ex/Em= 535/587 nm. Each kit includes a positive control as well as a specific lysyl oxidase inhibitor that allows the user to correct each sample for any non-specific signal. The Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay can detect as little as 40 ng of recombinant enzyme in vitro.

Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit Data

Assay Information Description
Product Name: Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay
Product SKU: BN01101
Size: 100 assays
Detection Method: Fluorometric (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm)
Sensitivity: 40 ng of recombinant enzyme in vitro
Sample Type: Purified protein, cell media.
  • Measurement of Lysyl Oxidase activity of purified proteins
  • Quantitative analysis of Lysyl Oxidase mutants and inhibitors
  • Quantitative evaluation of Lysyl Oxidase activity in cell media
Storage: Store the kit at -20°C, protect from light
Shipping Conditions: Gel Pack
Usage: For research use only. Not for use in humans.

Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit Components

Component Quantity
LOX Assay Buffer 45 ml
LOX Substrate 100 µl
LOX Developer 1 vial
LOX Probe (in DMSO) 100 µl
LOX Positive Control 1 vial
LOX Inhibitor 1 vial
LOX Standard (0.88 M) 100 µl

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Figure: a) Enzyme activity at varying concentrations of recombinant Lysyl Oxidase b) representative activity curve for cell media sample and cell media spike standard at 37°C, where cell media is test sample, cell media + inhibitor is negative control and 150 pmol spike standard is sample + spike standard.

Lysyl Oxidase Background

Lysyl oxidase is a cell-secreted amine oxidase that catalyzes the final step of collagen and elastin cross-linking. As a result, lysyl oxidase is required for the biosynthesis of functional extracellular matrices. Inhibition of lysyl oxidase can result in osteolathyrism, a condition characterized by fragile connective tissue and paralysis. Recent work has also suggested lysyl oxidase to play an important role in cancer development: Lysyl oxidase promotes tumor growth and progression in vivo, cancer cell invasion, and premetastatic niche formation.

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Additional Information

Product type:
Cellular Assay
Detection Method:
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