Mammalian Mitochondria Isolation Kit For Tissue & Cultured Cells (BN00546)

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Mammalian Mitochondria Isolation Kit For Tissue & Cultured Cells

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells because they generate most of the supply of energy in the form of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). Mitochondria are double membrane organelles: an outer membrane and a folded inner membrane called cristae. Isolated mitochondria are the sample of choice to study mitochondrial respiration, assembly of the respiratory complexes, apoptosis, mtDNA and mtRNA, and mitochondrial protein profiling. The kit offers two options for the isolation of intact mitochondria. The first option is utilizing a reagent-based method allowing parallel processing of multiple samples. The second option uses traditional dounce homogenization, which provides better mitochondrial yield.

Figure: Mitochondria Integrity Test: Mitochondria (100 µg) were purified from the mouse liver according to the above-mentioned protocol. Purified mitochondria were analyzed for intactness by using JC-1 dye, which tests the electrochemical proton gradient (ΔΨ) of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Purified mitochondria was thawed on ice and incubated with JC-1 dye (1 µg/ml) for 15 min. at 37°C. The intact purified mitochondria show aggregation of JC-1 dye whose signal can be measured at Ex/Em = 530/590 nm. Treatment with Antimycin A (100 µM) dissipates the mitochondrial membrane potential resulting in reduced florescence signal.

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  • Useful for mitochondrial respiration studies, assembly of the complexes, apoptosis, mtDNA and mtRNA, and protein profiling.
  • Western blot and ELISA.

Features and Benefits

Simple & rapid method to isolate highly pure, intact and functional mitochondria from tissues and cultured cells.

Kit Components

  • Mitochondria Isolation Buffer
  • Reagent A
  • Storage Buffer

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For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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