Sodium Orthovanadate Phosphatase Inhibitor (BA0163)

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Sodium Orthovanadate Phosphatase Inhibitor

Sodium Orthovanadate (CAS Number 13721-39-6, Na3VO4) is a general inhibitor for protein phosphotyrosyl phosphatases (PTPs). Inhibition of vanadate is competitive and can be reversed by addition of EDTA or by dilution. Vanadate is commonly used to preserve the protein tyrosyl phosphorylation state in cells and lysates. Assay Genie' Vanadate reagent is activated for maximum inhibition. Suggested Working Concentration: 1-10 mM


To preserve protein phosphorylation state in cells and lysates.

Key Features

  • Ready-to-use phosphatase inhibitor.
  • Fully activated for maximum inhibition.

Sodium Orthovanadate Phosphatase Inhibitor Information:

Includes: Sodium Orthovanadate: 1 mL 100 mM aqueous solution (pH 10.0)
Size: 1 mL (100 mM)
Storage: Store at -20°C.
Shelf Life:  3 years
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Additional Information

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