GenieHTS Potassium Ion Channel Assay Kit

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Cell Biology
  • Figure 1. Tl+ Sensitivity in Wash and No-Wash Formats. HEK- 293 cells expressing an inward rectifying K+ channel were tested with either Potassium Ion Channel (blue) or FluxOR II Green (red) in no-wash mode (A) or washed mode (B) using the manufacturer’s instructions. Dye-loaded cells were exposed to either 0.1 mM or 0.5 mM Tl+ .
  • Figure 2. Effect of Varying Extracellular K+ Concentration on Voltage-activated Channel. HEK-293 cells expressing a voltage- activated K+ Channel were tested using Potassium Ion Channel in washed mode. Cells were then exposed to 1 mM Tl+ and varying concentrations of K+ ranging from 5– 30 mM.
  • Figure 3. Tl+ -evoked Changes in Cellular Fluorescence. HEK- 293 cells expressing a voltage-activated K+ channel, loaded with Potassium Ion Channel Assay reagent before (A) and after (B) exposure to Tl+
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GenieHTS Potassium Ion Channel Assay

High-throughput, no wash thallium (Tl⁺) assay. An optimal solution for measuring flux through potassium (K⁺), sodium (Na⁺), and non-selective cation channels and their effectors including transporters and GPCRs.