Glucose Uptake Assay Kits

Measure physiological glucose uptake

Assay Genie's Glucose Uptake Assays are simple, ultra-sensitive and easy to use kits that allow researchers to study the mechanism of glucose uptake by cells. The glucose uptake assay provides a direct, powerful tool for studying this process, as well as for screening and characterization of drugs that regulate glucose uptake during normal health and disease development.

What is glucose and why is studying glucose uptake important?

Glucose is a ubiquitous energy source in most organisms and plays a pivotal role in cellular metabolism and homeostasis. Glucose uptake is one of the key processes for cellular glucose metabolism. The study of glucose uptake can provide important information for understanding glucose metabolism and regulation in normal and disease development such as diabetes.

Glucose uptake

Glucose uptake has a variety of methods and transporters, and depends upon the metabolic demand of the cell type and availability of glucose.

There are over ten different facilitated diffusion glucose transporters which transports glucose down its concentration gradient without ATP hydrolysis. In the kidneys, secondary active transport is used to uptake Glucose against its concentration gradient to ensure that very little glucose is excreted in urine.

The Assay Genie fluorescent cell-based FluoroDazzle Glucose Uptake Assay Kit uses 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG), a widely used glucose analog because it can be taken up by glucose transporters and metabolized by endogenous hexokinase into 2-deoxyglucose 6-phosphate (2-DG6P). 2-DG6P accumulates intracellularly because it is not a suitable substrate for phosphoglucose isomerase, the next step in glycolysis. The cells are lysed, and excess NADP and glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) is added to metabolize 2-DG6P and generate a molar equivalent amount of NADPH. The NADPH is then measured using a G6PDH recycling reaction to amplify the signal and generate a fluorescent signal measureable at ex/em = 530/585 nm proportional to the concentration of 2-DG6P.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe. No radioactive material is used.
  • Sensitive and Accurate. Detection limit of 0.1 µM and linearity up to 5 µM 2-DG6P.
  • Simple and Convenient. Can be automated as a medium throughput assay for glucose transport in cells.

Figure 1: Principle of Glucose Uptake Assay


  • Determination of glucose uptake in whole cells.
  • Evaluation of effects of ligands or drugs on glucose transport.

Tools for glucose uptake measurement

Assay Code Read-out Sensitivity Sample Type Pack Size



0.1 uM

Cell Culture

100 Assays



0.02 nm

Cell Culture

96 Assays