Assay Genie is committed to serving researchers with ELISAs, Antibodies and Assays on global scale. You can find a list of our distributing partners below. If you are outside our list of distributors please contact us directly through our contact page.





austria-50.jpg Austria Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.at
 belgium-50.jpg Belgium Westburg BV https://www.westburg.eu/
 boznia-50.jpg Boznia & Herzegovina Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
 bulgaria-50.jpg Bulgaria Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
 croatia-50.jpg Croatia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
 china-50.jpg China BeiJing LeBo Biotech Co.,Ltd http://lab-bio.com/
 czech-republic-50.jpg Czech Republic Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
 estonia-50.jpg Estonia Labema Eesti OÜ http://www.labema.ee/
 germany-50.jpg Germany Biomol GmbH https://www.biomol.com/
 france-50.jpg France Ozyme Fr https://ozyme.fr/
 finland-50.jpg Finland Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
 hungary-50.jpg Hungary Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.hu/home/
 ireland.jpg Republic of Ireland Medical Supply Company http://www.Medical-Supply.ie
 lithuania-50.jpg Lithuania Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
 latvia-50.jpg Latvia Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
 macedonia-50.jpg Macedonia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
 netherlands-50.png Netherlands Westburg BV https://www.westburg.eu/
 oman-50.png Oman Scientechnic http://www.scientechnic.com/
 pakistan-50.png Pakistan Scientechnic http://www.scientechnic.com/
 poland-50.jpg Poland Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.pl/home/
 qatar.png Qatar Scientechnic http://www.scientechnic.com/
 romania-50.jpg Romania Biomedica GmbH http://www.cyber-srl.ro/
 serbia-50.jpg Serbia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.rs/home/
 slovakia-50.jpg Slovakia Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.sk/home/
 uae.png UAE Scientechnic http://www.scientechnic.com/
 uk-50.jpg United Kingdom 2B scientific https://www.2bscientific.com/
 uk-50.jpg United Kingdom ELISA Genie https://www.ELISAGenie.com
 united-states.png United States ELISA Genie https://www.ELISAGenie.com
 united-states.png United States American Research Products www.arp1.com