SuperSet DIY ELISA Kits

SuperSet DIY ELISA Kits

Coat your own ELISA Plates!

SuperSet DIY ELISA kits allow researchers to 'coat their own' ELISA plates!

Standard curve of a SuperSet DIY ELISA

SuperSet DIY Benefits

  • Choice | Multiple pack sizes from 1x96 - 20x96 assays

  • Reliable & Economical | Alternative to pre-coated ELISA Kits

  • Cost Effective | From €99 - €659

  • Simple Protocol | Allows for accurate performance & consistent results

  • Highly Quality | Specific & sensitive analyte detection

SuperSet Features

  • Highly optimised monoclonal antibody pair

  • High quality purified recombinant protein to generate consistent standard curves

  • Recognise both natural and recombinant antigens

  • Validated according to ISO 9001:2000 quality systems

  • No cross reactivity with other cytokines tested

  • Standard Calibration to NIBSC

SuperSets by Species

SuperSet DIY ELISA Kit Size & Contents

At Assay Genie we know sometimes researchers need just one extra kit to get that paper over the line, therefore our kits come in a range of sizes to empower efficient research!

SuperSet DIY ELISA Kit Sizes

1 x 96 Assays

5 x 96 Assays

10 x 96 Assays

15 x 96 Assays

20 x 96 Assays

SuperSet DIY ELISA Kit Contents

Capture & Biotinylated Detection Antibody
Detailed protocol including buffer composition

SuperSet Accessory Pack

At Assay Genie we offer an accessory pack for SuperSet DIY ELISA Kits! This pack contains complementary materials and reagents needed for use with SuperSet DIY ELISA kits. Reagents provided are sufficient for 5 plates.

SuperSet Accessory Pack Contents

Material / Reagent Volume Quantity

96 Wells Microtiter Plate



Plastic Plate Covers



Plate Storage Material



Reconstitution Buffer

1 ml


Coating Buffer

5 ml


Wash Buffer

25 ml


Blocking Buffer

10 ml


Standard Dilution Buffer

12.5 ml


Secondary Antibody Dilution Buffer

25 ml


HRP Dilution Buffer

25 ml


Stop Reagent

10 ml


Free Consultation

To see how SuperSet DIY ELISA Kits could support your research get in touch for a free no obligation consultation! Simply use the promo code FREEDIY in your message when submitting a contact form!

Immunoassay Guide

At Assay Genie our mission is to make scientists smile! To view some of our smile-worthy Immunoassay Technologies check out our Immunoassay Guide.

SuperSets Protocol

SuperSet ELISA kits are designed to be easy to use with a simple step by step protcol to allow for consistent plates!

SuperSet DIY ELISA protocol. Click to enlarge!

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