Plant Assays

Plant Assays - Overview

Plant assays are important tools for investigating the effects of environmental stress on plants. By measuring the levels of reactive oxygen species, proline and secondary metabolites in plants, we can gain insights into the mechanisms of plant stress resistance. Plant assays can also be used to monitor the changes in plant metabolism in response to environmental stress.

Plant Assays:

Product CodeProduct NameInstrument Sample Type
MAES0186Phenylaline Ammonia Lyase (PAL) Activity Assay KitSpectrophotometerSerum, Plasma, Animal Tissue, Cells
MAES0171Plant Flavonoids Assay KitMicroplate ReaderPlant Tissue
MAES0172Plant Flavonoids Assay KitSpectrophotometerPlant Tissue
MAES0163Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) Activity Assay KitMicroplate ReaderPlant Tissue
MAES0164Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) Activity Assay KitSpectrophotometerPlant Tissue
MAES0133Proline (Pro) Assay KitSpectrophotometerPlant tissue, Honey
MAES0183Total Phenols Assay KitMicroplate ReaderPlant Tissue
MAES0184Total Phenols Assay KitSpectrophotometerPlant Tissue
MAES0048Vitamin C Assay KitMicroplate ReaderSerum, Plasma, Tissue
MAES0049Vitamin C Assay KitSpectrophtometerSerum, Plasma, Tissue
MAES0046Vitamin E Assay KitMicroplate ReaderSerum, Plasma, Tissue
MAES0047Vitamin E Assay KitSpectrophotometerSerum, Plasma, Tissue