Ethanol Test Kit (Colorimetric) (BA0085)

Product Type:
Detection Method:
Microplate Reader
Sample Type:
Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva
Research Area:
Oxidative Stress
Reactive Oxygen Species
Food Safety & Analysis
Plant & Environmental Stress
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Ethanol Assay Kit - Information

Ethanol assay kit (colorimetric) is based on alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidation of ethanol, in which the formed NADH is coupled to the formazan (MTT) chromogen. The intensity of the product color, measured at 565 nm, is proportionate to the ethanol concentration in the sample


For quantitative determination of ethanol and evaluation of drug effects on alcohol metabolism.

Ethanol Assay Kit -Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Detection limit 0.0008 vol % (140 or 8 ppm), linearity up to 0.1% ethanol in 96-well plate assay.
  • Convenient. The procedure involves adding working reagent, incubating for 30 min and stopping reaction. No 37°C heater is needed.
  • High-throughput. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well plate assay for thousands of samples per day.

Ethanol Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Kit IncludesAssay Buffer: 10 mL Enzyme A: Lyophilized NAD Solution: 1 mL Enzyme B: 120 mL MTT Solution: 1.5 mL Enzyme Buffer: 150 mL Standard: 1.5 mL 1% Ethanol Stop Reagent: 12 mL
Kit RequiresPipeting (multi-channel) devices. Clear flat-bottom 96-well plates and plate reader.
Method of DetectionOD565nm (Enzymatic)
Detection Limit0.0008%
SamplesSerum, plasma, urine, saliva samples etc
Protocol Length30 min
Size100 tests
StorageStore all reagents at -20°C
Shelf Life6 months

More Details

Alcoholic drinks are among the daily consumed beverages. Studies have shown heavy alcohol consumption may lead to various forms of liver diseases and to increased mortality rates. Quantitative determination of alcohol (ethanol, C2H5OH) has applications in basic research, drug discovery, clinic studies and in the alcoholic industry. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring ethanol concentration are very desirable.