Assay Genie Mission

We started Assay Genie from a small facility in 2017 to solve the biggest problems facing R&D scientists: how to achieve optimal results in a timely & economical manner while feeling happy while doing great science.

Our mission is to make scientists smile through innovative products, remarkable interactions with our team and our little Genies!

What does this mean for scientists?

As scientists, we understand the need for incredible support. That’s why we are dedicated to supporting scientists before, during and after experimentation to help you stay smiling.

How do we deliver customer success?

Ultimately, it’s our great team that adds the smile! Our team of highly technical experts provide 365-day unrivalled pre-experimental and post-experimental support ensuring you always have a friendly Assay Genius by your side meaning you get the results you deserve to drive discovery forward.

Our scientific support includes the following:

  • Live-chat & email support

  • Phone and video call support

  • Extensive technical guides, brochures and posters

  • Pre-experimental support to understand your requirements and provide the best advice to maximise success. For example, helping optimize conditions for your specific sample types

  • Experimental support via video conferencing for flow cytometry parameter set-up before & during multiplex immunoassays

  • Post-experimental support for including optimization, experimental repeats, troubleshooting, logistics and sales

How else do we support scientists?

We are committed to delivering the best experience possible through the following promises:

  • 100% Quality Guarantee | Premium validated antibodies & proteins coupled with highly validated assays made with top quality antibodies & optimized buffer systems

  • Save Money | Microgram to Gram quantities for proteins & antibodies and 96-well & bulk format assays at affordable prices so you can maximise your budget

  • Save time | Up to 80 hours less per experiment for certain bespoke assays

  • Stay Smiling | from the moment you open our products through to data analysis with our incredible technical support scientists by your side

  • Go Greener | Recyclable packaging to minimize your impact on the climate

  • Proven Technology | Over 100 peer reviewed citations in leading journals including Cell & Nature

  • Extreme Sensitivity | Down to sub-picogram level detection for certain assay technologies

  • Genie Guarantee | Our team of highly trained immunoassay geniuses are available 365 to maximise your results and troubleshoot your technical problems

Core Technologies & Products

We provide over 120,000 life science reagents to research & development scientists all around the World. With offices in Dublin & London, we have a distribution network covering over 70 countries on every continent.

In 2017, we launched highly validated antibodies & proteins to meet the global demand for quality reagents. Using our extensive knowledge, we combined our antibody & protein technologies to bring premium assays and market-leading immunoassays to help scientists discover more.

Currently, we are proud to support scientists with the following workflow tools to help drive research forward.

Immunoassay Geniuses

Our immunoassays are built using finely crafted antigens uniquely combined with highly specific antibodies and optimized unique buffer systems meaning less time spent getting great data & more budget for your lab.

Using our expertise, we have built a suite of immunoassay technologies to enable the discovery, screening, validation & selection of biomarkers from 1-274 analytes per sample using multiplex immunoassays, ELISA & cell-based assays.

Join the Assay Genie Family!

We’re so proud to have built a global community of Assay Geniuses who are driving scientific discovery for the next generation.

Why don’t you contact us and let us help you smile during your next experiment!