Pre-clinical & Large Animal Antibodies

Assay Genie has a over 500 validated Pre-Clinical and Large Animal Antibodies for immunology, cancer and neuroscience research. These highly validated antibodies are available across 16+ species and cover a range of immunology targets.

Bovine Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-bovine CCL11 (Eotaxin) PAbKPAB0181100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CCL2 PAbKPAB0009100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CCL2 PAbKPAB0011100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CCL3 PAbKPAB0223100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CCL4 (MIP-1 beta) PAbKPAB0130100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CD40 Ligand PAbKPAB0244100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB0077100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine CXCL9 PAbKPAB0019100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine EPO PAbKPAB0387100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine GM-CSF PAbKPAB0361100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IFN alpha A PAbKPAB0134100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IFN beta PAbKPAB0115100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IFN gamma PAbKPAB0025100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB0061100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0210100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB0136100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-10 PAbKPAB0262100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-13 PAbKPAB0017100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-15 PAbKPAB0118100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-17A PAbKPAB0033100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-1F5 PAbKPAB0063100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-2 PAbKPAB0018100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-21 PAbKPAB0055100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-6 PAbKPAB0153100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-8 PAbKPAB0032100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine IL-8 PAbKPAB0236100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine LIF PAbKPAB0199100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine OSM PAbKPAB0298100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine TNF alpha PAbKPAB0034100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine VEGF-A PAbKPAB0035100 ugBovine
Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB0393100 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CCL11 (Eotaxin) PAbKPAB018250 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CCL2 PAbKPAB001050 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CCL2 PAbKPAB001250 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CCL3 PAbKPAB022450 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CCL4 (MIP-1 beta) PAbKPAB013850 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CD40 Ligand PAbKPAB024550 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB008550 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine CXCL9 PAbKPAB002750 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine EPO PAbKPAB038850 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine GM-CSF PAbKPAB036250 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IFN alpha A PAbKPAB014250 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IFN beta PAbKPAB012150 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IFN gamma PAbKPAB002950 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB006250 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB021150 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB014450 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-10 PAbKPAB026350 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-13 PAbKPAB002350 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-15 PAbKPAB012450 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-17A PAbKPAB003650 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-1F5 PAbKPAB006450 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-2 PAbKPAB020650 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-21 PAbKPAB005650 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-6 PAbKPAB015450 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-8 PAbKPAB023550 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine IL-8 PAbKPAB023750 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine LIF PAbKPAB020050 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine OSM PAbKPAB029950 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine TNF alpha PAbKPAB003750 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine VEGF-A PAbKPAB003850 ugBovine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB039450 ugBovine

Canine Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-canine BAFF PAbKPAB0411100 ugCanine
Anti-canine CCL3 PAbKPAB0300100 ugCanine
Anti-canine CXCL10 PAbKPAB0401100 ugCanine
Anti-canine Fas Ligand PAbKPAB0274100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IFN alpha PAbKPAB0165100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IFN gamma PAbKPAB0078100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0197100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB0162100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-13 PAbKPAB0302100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-17A PAbKPAB0185100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-2 PAbKPAB0024100 ugCanine
Anti-canine IL-21 PAbKPAB0100100 ugCanine
Anti-canine LIF PAbKPAB0377100 ugCanine
Anti-canine OSM PAbKPAB0264100 ugCanine
Anti-canine PD-L1 PAbKPAB0319100 ugCanine
Anti-canine SCF PAbKPAB0379100 ugCanine
Anti-canine TNF alpha PAbKPAB0081100 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine BAFF PAbKPAB041250 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine CCL3 PAbKPAB030150 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine CXCL10 PAbKPAB040250 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine Fas Ligand PAbKPAB027550 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IFN alpha PAbKPAB016650 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IFN gamma PAbKPAB008650 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB019850 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB016450 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-13 PAbKPAB030350 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-17A PAbKPAB018650 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-2 PAbKPAB003050 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine IL-21 PAbKPAB010550 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine LIF PAbKPAB037850 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine OSM PAbKPAB026550 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine PD-L1 PAbKPAB032050 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine SCF PAbKPAB038050 ugCanine
Biotinylated Anti-canine TNF alpha PAbKPAB008950 ugCanine

Cat Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-feline CXCL10 PAbKPAB0424100 ugFeline/Cat
Anti-feline IFN alpha PAbKPAB0413100 ugFeline/Cat
Anti-feline IFN gamma PAbKPAB0040100 ugFeline/Cat
Anti-feline TNF alpha PAbKPAB0103100 ugFeline/Cat
Biotinylated Anti-feline CXCL10 PAbKPAB042650 ugFeline/Cat
Biotinylated Anti-feline IFN alpha PAbKPAB041450 ugFeline/Cat
Biotinylated Anti-feline IFN gamma PAbKPAB004250 ugFeline/Cat
Biotinylated Anti-feline TNF alpha PAbKPAB020950 ugFeline/Cat

Chicken Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-chicken CCL20 PAbKPAB0389100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken CCL4 (MIP-1 beta) PAbKPAB0082100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken CCL5 PAbKPAB0399100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken G-CSF PAbKPAB0365100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IFN alpha PAbKPAB0169100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IFN gamma PAbKPAB0113100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-10 PAbKPAB0214100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-12 p40 PAbKPAB0111100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-16 PAbKPAB0005100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-16 PAbKPAB0229100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-2 PAbKPAB0079100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-21 PAbKPAB0133100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-22 PAbKPAB0051100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken IL-6 PAbKPAB0212100 ugChicken
Anti-chicken M-CSF PAbKPAB0367100 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken CCL20 PAbKPAB039050 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken CCL20 PAbKPAB040050 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken CCL4 (MIP-1 beta) PAbKPAB009050 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken G-CSF PAbKPAB036650 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IFN alpha PAbKPAB017050 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IFN gamma PAbKPAB011950 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-10 PAbKPAB021550 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-12 p40 PAbKPAB011250 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-16 PAbKPAB000650 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-16 PAbKPAB023050 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-2 PAbKPAB008750 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-21 PAbKPAB014150 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-22 PAbKPAB005250 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken IL-6 PAbKPAB021350 ugChicken
Biotinylated Anti-chicken M-CSF PAbKPAB036850 ugChicken

Dolphin Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-dolphin CXCL10 PAbKPAB0423100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IFN gamma PAbKPAB0145100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB0183100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-10 PAbKPAB0276100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-13 PAbKPAB0278100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-2 PAbKPAB0231100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-6 PAbKPAB0321100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin IL-8 PAbKPAB0074100 ugDolphin
Anti-dolphin TNF alpha PAbKPAB0114100 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin CXCL10 PAbKPAB042550 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IFN gamma PabKPAB014650 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-1 Receptor Antagonist PAbKPAB018450 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-10 PAbKPAB027750 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-13 PAbKPAB027950 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-2 PAbKPAB023250 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-6 PAbKPAB032250 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin IL-8 PAbKPAB007550 ugDolphin
Biotinylated Anti-dolphin TNF alpha PAbKPAB012050 ugDolphin

Ferret Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-ferret CXCL10 PAbKPAB0427100 ugFerret
Anti-ferret IFN gamma PAbKPAB0341100 ugFerret
Biotinylated Anti-ferret CXCL10 PAbKPAB042850 ugFerret
Biotinylated Anti-ferret IFN gamma PAbKPAB034250 ugFerret

Goat Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB0393100 ugCaprine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB039450 ugCaprine

Guinea Pig

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-guinea pig IL-17A PAbKPAB0339100 ugGuinea Pig
Anti-guinea pig TNF alpha PAbKPAB0117100 ugGuinea Pig
Biotinylated Anti-guinea pig IL-17A PAbKPAB034050 ugGuinea Pig
Biotinylated Anti-guinea pig TNF alpha PAbKPAB012350 ugGuinea Pig

Horse Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-equine CCL11 PAbKPAB0233100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine CCL2 PAbKPAB0020100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine CCL2 PAbKPAB0203100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine CCL3 (MIP-1 alpha) PAbKPAB0092100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine CCL5 (RANTES) PAbKPAB0189100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB0102100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine Erythropoietin PAbKPAB0225100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB0167100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IFN beta1 PAbKPAB0191100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IFN gamma PAbKPAB0039100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB0131100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0195100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-12 p40 PAbKPAB0250100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-13 PAbKPAB0375100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-15 PAbKPAB0129100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-17A PAbKPAB0045100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-2 PAbKPAB0001100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-4 PAbKPAB0003100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine IL-8 (CXCL8) PAbKPAB0109100 ugEquine/Horse
Anti-equine VEGF-A PAbKPAB0080100 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CCL11 PAbKPAB023450 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CCL2 PAbKPAB006550 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CCL2 PAbKPAB020450 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CCL3 (MIP-1 alpha) PAbKPAB009350 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CCL5 (RANTES) PAbKPAB019050 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB010750 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine Erythropoietin PAbKPAB022650 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB016850 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IFN beta 1 PAbKPAB019250 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IFN gamma PAbKPAB004150 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB013950 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB019650 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-12 p40 PAbKPAB025150 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-13 PAbKPAB037650 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-15 PAbKPAB013750 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-17A PAbKPAB004650 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-2 PAbKPAB000250 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-4 PAbKPAB000450 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine IL-8 (CXCL8) PAbKPAB011050 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Anti-equine VEGF-A PAbKPAB008850 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IFN gamma Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0012E-1)KPAB012750 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IFN gamma Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0012E-1)KPAB0128250 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-1)KPAB007050 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-1)KPAB0071250 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-2)KPAB007250 ugEquine/Horse
Biotinylated Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-2)KPAB0073250 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IFN gamma Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0012E-1)KPAB0125100 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IFN gamma Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0012E-1)KPAB0126500 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-1)KPAB0066100 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-1)KPAB0067500 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-2)KPAB0068100 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0078E-2)KPAB0069500 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-4 Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0003E-1)KPAB0094100 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-4 Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0003E-1)KPAB0095500 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-4 Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0003E-2)KPAB0096100 ugEquine/Horse
Equine IL-4 Monoclonal Antibody (clone K0003E-2)KPAB0097500 ugEquine/Horse

Mouse Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-mouse CCL11 PAbKPAB0252100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse CCL2 PAbKPAB0359100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse CXCL5 PAbKPAB0304100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse GM-CSF PAbKPAB0355100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IFN Alpha PAbKPAB0369100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IFN gamma PAbKPAB0403100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0177100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IL-13 PAbKPAB0246100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IL-17A PAbKPAB0147100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IL-22 PAbKPAB0179100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse IL-28B PAbKPAB0395100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse OSM PAbKPAB0329100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse TNF alpha PabKPAB0157100 ugMouse
Anti-mouse VEGF-A PAbKPAB0159100 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse CCL11 PAbKPAB025350 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse CCL2 PAbKPAB036050 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse CXCL5 PAbKPAB030550 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse GM-CSF PAbKPAB035650 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IFN Alpha PAbKPAB037050 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IFN gamma PAbKPAB040450 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IL-1 beta PAbKPAB017850 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IL-13 PAbKPAB024750 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IL-17A PAbKPAB014850 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IL-22 PAbKPAB018050 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse IL-28B PAbKPAB039650 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse OSM PAbKPAB033050 ugMouse
Biotinylated Anti-mouse TNF alpha PabKPAB015850 ugMouse
Botinylated Anti-mouse VEGF-A PabKPAB016050 ugMouse

Pig Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-swine CCL11 PAbKPAB0306100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CCL2 PAbKPAB0007100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CCL2 PAbKPAB0207100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CCL3L1 PAbKPAB0083100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CCL4 PAbKPAB0059100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CXCL10 PAbKPAB0016100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CXCL10 PAbKPAB0221100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine CXCL9 (MIG) PAbKPAB0104100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine Erythropoietin PAbKPAB0193100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine Fas Ligand PAbKPAB0227100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB0116100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB0218100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IFN beta PAbKPAB0021100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IFN gamma PAbKPAB0026100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB0240100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-10 PAbKPAB0155100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-13 PAbKPAB0013100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-13 PAbKPAB0014100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-13 PAbKPAB0371100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-17A PAbKPAB0149100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-17A PAbKPAB0151100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-22 PAbKPAB0049100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-28B PAbKPAB0280100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-3 PAbKPAB0325100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-4 PAbKPAB0135100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-6 PAbKPAB0057100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine IL-8 PAbKPAB0022100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine OSM PAbKPAB0331100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine SCF PAbKPAB0383100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine TNF alpha PAbKPAB0047100 ugPorcine/Swine
Anti-swine VEGF-A PAbKPAB0161100 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CCL11 PAbKPAB030750 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CCL2 PAbKPAB000850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CCL2 PAbKPAB020850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CCL3L1 PAbKPAB009150 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CCL4 PAbKPAB006050 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CXCL10 PAbKPAB022050 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CXCL10 PAbKPAB022250 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine CXCL9 (MIG) PAbKPAB010850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine Erythropoietin PAbKPAB019450 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine Fas Ligand PAbKPAB022850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB012250 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IFN alpha 1 PAbKPAB021950 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IFN beta PAbKPAB020550 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IFN gamma PAbKPAB003150 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB024150 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-10 PabKPAB015650 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-13 PAbKPAB001550 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-13 PAbKPAB037250 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-17A PAbKPAB015050 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-17A PAbKPAB015250 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-22 PAbKPAB005050 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-28B PAbKPAB028150 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-3 PAbKPAB032650 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-4 PAbKPAB014350 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-6 PAbKPAB005850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine IL-8 PAbKPAB002850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine OSM PAbKPAB033250 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine SCF PAbKPAB038450 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine TNF alpha PAbKPAB004850 ugPorcine/Swine
Biotinylated Anti-swine VEGF-A PAbKPAB016350 ugPorcine/Swine
Swine IL-12 p70 Monoclonal Antibody (clone G9)KPAB0098100 ugPorcine/Swine
Swine IL-12 p70 Monoclonal Antibody (clone G9)KPAB0099500 ugPorcine/Swine

Rat Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-rat APRIL (TNFSF13) PAbKPAB0132100 ugRat
Biotinylated Anti-rat APRIL (TNFSF13) PAbKPAB014050 ugRat

Rabbit Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-rabbit C3a PAbKPAB0248100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CCL2 (MCP-1) PAbKPAB0173100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CCL21 PAbKPAB0216100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CCL3 PAbKPAB0310100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CXCL1 PAbKPAB0407100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB0175100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CXCL3 PAbKPAB0312100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit CXCL9 (MIG) PAbKPAB0282100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit GM-CSF PAbKPAB0415100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IFN gamma PAbKPAB0076100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IFN gamma PAbKPAB0284100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB0101100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB0201100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0327100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-13 PAbKPAB0286100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-17A PAbKPAB0187100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-2 PAbKPAB0292100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-21 PAbKPAB0288100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-4 PAbKPAB0053100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-6 PAbKPAB0314100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit IL-8 PAbKPAB0043100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit LIF PAbKPAB0385100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit PD-L1 PAbKPAB0294100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit SCF PAbKPAB0296100 ugRabbit
Anti-rabbit VEGF-A PAbKPAB0308100 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit C3a PabKPAB024950 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CCL2 (MCP-1) PAbKPAB017450 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CCL21 PAbKPAB021750 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CCL3 PAbKPAB031150 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CXCL1 PAbKPAB040850 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CXCL10 (IP-10) PAbKPAB0176100 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CXCL3 PAbKPAB031350 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit CXCL9 (MIG) PAbKPAB028350 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit GM-CSF PAbKPAB041650 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IFN gamma PAbKPAB008450 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IFN gamma PAbKPAB028550 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB010650 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-1 alpha PAbKPAB020250 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-1 beta PAbKPAB032850 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-13 PAbKPAB028750 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-17A PAbKPAB018850 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-2 PAbKPAB029350 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-21 PAbKPAB028950 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-4 PAbKPAB005450 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-6 PAbKPAB031550 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit IL-8 PAbKPAB004450 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit LIF PAbKPAB038650 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit PD-L1 PAbKPAB029550 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit SCF PAbKPAB029750 ugRabbit
Biotinylated Anti-rabbit VEGF-A PAbKPAB030950 ugRabbit

Sheep Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB0393100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine IFN gamma PAbKPAB0429100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB0419100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine IL-13 PAbKPAB0333100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine IL-22 PAbKPAB0323100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine IL-4 PAbKPAB0421100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine TNF alpha PAbKPAB0335100 ugOvine
Anti-ovine VEGF-A PAbKPAB0171100 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-bovine/caprine/ovine IL-5 PAbKPAB039450 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine IFN gamma PAbKPAB043050 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine IL-1 beta PAbKPAB042050 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine IL-13 PAbKPAB033450 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine IL-22 PAbKPAB032450 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine IL-4 PAbKPAB042250 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine TNF alpha PAbKPAB033650 ugOvine
Biotinylated Anti-ovine VEGF-A PAbKPAB0172100 ugOvine

Zebrafish Antibodies

Product NameProduct CodeSizeSpecies
Anti-zebrafish IFN gamma 1-1 PAbKPAB0254100 ugZebrafish
Anti-zebrafish IL-10 PAbKPAB0270100 ugZebrafish
Anti-zebrafish IL-13 PAbKPAB0256100 ugZebrafish
Anti-zebrafish IL-17 a/f1 PAbKPAB0258100 ugZebrafish
Anti-zebrafish TNF alpha PAbKPAB0373100 ugZebrafish
Anti-zebrafish VEGF-A PAbKPAB0272100 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish IFN gamma 1-1 PAbKPAB025550 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish IL-10 PAbKPAB027150 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish IL-13 PAbKPAB025750 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish IL-17 a/f1 PAbKPAB025950 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish TNF alpha PAbKPAB037450 ugZebrafish
Biotinylated Anti-zebrafish VEGF-A PAbKPAB027350 ugZebrafish

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