Cholesterol Uptake Assay Kit (Fluorometric) (BA0021)

Product Type:
Detection Method:
Microplate Reader
Sample Type:
Adherent Cells
Research Area:
Lipid Metabolism
Food Safety & Analysis
Clinical Chemistry
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Cholesterol Uptake Assay Kit - Information

Assay Genies total cholesterol assay kit (Fluorometric) is based on the cellular uptake of a fluorescently tagged cholesterol probe. The fluorescence intensity measured at Ex/Em = 485/535 nm is proportional to the amount of cholesterol uptaken by the cells.


Cholesterol uptake by adherent cells, screening of cholesterol uptake inhibitors, and evaluation of effect of drugs on cholesterol uptake

Cholesterol Uptake Assay Kit - Key Features

  • Convenient. Treat cells directly in 96-well fluorescent plate.
  • Safe. Non-radioactive assay.
  • High-throughput. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well plate assay for thousands of samples per day

Cholesterol Uptake Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Kit Includes Assay Reagent: 12 mL Fluorescent Tracer: 250 uL Positive Control (2.5 mM): 20 uL
Kit Requires Pipetting devices, culture medium, PBS, black flat-bottom 96-well plates, and fluorescent plate reader capable of reading at λex/em = 485/535 nm
Method of Detection FL485/535nm
Samples Adherent cells
Species All
Protocol Length 24-72 hours
Size 100 tests
Shelf Life 6 months

More Details

CHOLESTEROL is a sterol and lipid present in cell membranes, and is transported in the bloodstream of all animals. It is used to form cell membranes and hormones, and plays important roles in cell signaling processes. Cellular regulation of cholesterol levels is a complex system in which irregularities have been tied to obesity and heart disease. Increased cholesterol uptake has also been linked to highly proliferative cancer cells. Through monitoring cellular cholesterol uptake, one can explore these growing health problems and screen for possible drug treatments.