Cholesterol Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (BA0084)

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Cholesterol Assay Kit - Information

Assay Genie's colorimetric cholesterol assay is based on cholesterol esterase hydrolysis of cholesterol esters to form free cholesterol and cholesterol dehydrogenase catalyzed conversion of cholesterol to cholest-4-ene-3-one, in which NAD is reduced to NADH. The optical density of the formed NADH at 340 nm is directly proportionate to the cholesterol concentration in the sample.


For quantitative determination of cholesterol and evaluation of drug effects on cholesterol metabolism.

Cholesterol Assay Kit - Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Detection limit of 5 mg/dL, linearity up to 300 mg/dL cholesterol in 96-well plate assay.
  • Convenient. Room temperature assay. No 37°C heater is needed.
  • High-throughput. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well plate assay for thousands of samples per day.

Cholesterol Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Kit IncludesAssay Buffer: 20 mL Enzyme Mix: 120 uL NAD Solution: 2 x 1 mL Standard: 1 mL 300mg/dL cholesterol
Kit RequiresPipetting (multi-channel) devices, clear bottom 96-well plate and plate reader.
Method of DetectionOD340nm
Detection Limit5 mg/dL
SamplesSerum, plasma etc
Protocol Length40 min
Size100 tests
StorageStore reagents at -20°C
Shelf Life6 months

More Details

CHOLESTEROL is a sterol and lipid present in the cell membranes, and is transported in the bloodstream of all animals. It is used to form cell membranes and hormones, and plays important roles in cell signaling processes. Elevated levels (hypercholesterolemia) have been associated with cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis; whereas, low levels (hypocholesterolemia) may be linked to depression, cancer and cerebral hemorrhage. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring cholesterol are very desirable.
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