Neuraminidase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric) (BA0135)

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Detection Method:
Microplate Reader
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Biological Samples
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Enzyme Activity
High-Throughput Screening
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Neuraminidase Activity Assay Kit

NEURAMINDASE (also known as Sialidase) is an enzyme that hydrolyzes terminal sialic acid residues on poly-saccharide chains. It is predominantly expressed in microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Cleavage of sialic acid residues by neuraminidase is believed to play several roles in infection by influenza viruses. It is thought to assist in the penetration of mucosal linings, the invasion of target cells, the elution of progeny viruses from infected cells, and the prevention of self-aggregation. Thus, neuraminidase is an important target for influenza drug development and simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring neuraminidase activity find wide applications in research and drug discovery.

Assay Genie's neuraminidase assay measures the sialic acid released by neuraminidase in one step. The change in color intensity of the reaction product at 570nm or fluorescence intensity at Ex/Em = 530/585nm is directly proportional to neuraminidase activity in the samples.


For quantitative determination of neuraminidase activity and screen for neuraminidase inhibitor.

Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Linear detection range at 37°C in 96-well plate: 0.1 to 10 U/L for colorimetric assays and 0.01 to 2 U/L for fluorimetric assays.
  • Simple and convenient. Homogeneous assay requiring only two absorbance measurements. Assay can be completed in 60 min.
  • High-throughput. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well plate assay to screen thousands of samples per day.

Neuraminidase Activity Assay Kit Information:

Kit Includes: Assay Buffer: 6 mL, Substrate: 6 mL, Cofactors: 120 mL, Dye Reagent: 60 mL, Enzyme: 120 mL, Standard: 500 mL
Kit Requires: Pipetting devices, centrifuge tubes, Clear flat-bottom 96-well plates, black 96-well or 384-well plates and plate reader.
Method of Detection: OD570nm, or FL530/585nm
Detection Limit: OD, FL: 1, 0.01U/L
Samples: Biological
Species: All
Protocol Length: 60 min
Size: 100 tests
Storage: Store all reagents at -20°C
Shelf Life: 6 months