Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit (96-well, 3 µm) (BN01082)

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  • Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit (96-well, 3 µm) (BN01082)
  • Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit (96-well, 3 µm) (BN01082)
  • Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit (96-well, 3 µm) (BN01082)


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Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit (96-well, 3 µm)

Cell migration is a process by which cells move from one location to another. Cell motility is observed in unicellular organisms, and is essential for the development and maintenance of multicellular organisms. Cells often migrate in response to specific external stimuli, including chemical & mechanical signals. Errors during this process have serious consequences, including intellectual disability, vascular disease, tumor formation and metastasis. Assay Genie's Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Assay Kit utilizes a Boyden chamber, where the cells migrate through a semipermeable membrane under different stimuli. Cell migration can be analyzed directly by reading fluorescence (Ex/Em = 530/590 nm) in a plate reader. Our assay is easy to use, sensitive and adaptable to high-throughput systems.

Figure 1: (A) Standard Curve: Erythroleukemia cells were harvested, counted and serially diluted to obtain desired cell number. Cells were incubated according to the protocol with Cell Dye and RFU (Ex/Em = 530/590 nm) was measured. (B) Cell Migration: Erythroleukemia cells were starved overnight and treated with Control Migration Inducer for 48 h or left untreated (control cells). Treatment with Control Migration Inducer demonstrated a significant increase in migration as compared to untreated cells.

Figure 2: Assay Genie Cell Migration/Chemotaxis Kit: 1) A Boyden Chamber is used to investigate cell migration and chemotaxis. 2) Cells are added to the well insert and either control migration inducers or chemoattractants added to the bottom chamber. 3) Migratory cells move through the porous membrane while cells that do not migrate remain in the well insert. 4) The well insert is removed, and migratory cells are analyzed.

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Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 530/590 nm)

Kit Overview

Measure cell migration in response to stimuli.Screen, study, or characterize compounds that influence chemotaxis/cell migration.
  • Highly sensitive fluorometric method to measure cell migration/chemotaxis in response to a variety of biochemical stimuli
  • Simple & High throughput-adaptable
  • Reproducible, Quantitative tool for screening, studying, or characterizing compounds that affect cell migration

Kit Contents

  • Wash Buffer
  • Cell Dissociation Solution
  • Control Migration Inducer
  • Cell Dye
  • Cell Migration Chamber

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Gel Pack


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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