Research Universities in Ireland

Research Universities in Ireland

Since I am from Ireland I thought I would give as comprehensive view as possible for Research Universities in Ireland. By now you are probably considering looking for a PhD or PostDoc position in Ireland which is a great start. Known as the Land of the scholars,there are 10 international standard Research Universities in Ireland and colleges that focus on a range of life science, chemistry, physics and engineering research.

Research Universities in Ireland

Dublin is a great place to look for PhD and PostDoc positions. For a city with just 1,000,000 people Dublin has 5 internationally recognized research Universities which include:

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Irelands premier research university which focuses on a multitude of research topics and has one of the strongest immunology, genetics and physics departments in the world. Located directly in the heart of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin provides a great opportunity for PhDs and PostDocs to research while experience life in the city of Dublin. Accessible by nearly all bus routes within the city and tramlines and a 15-20 minute cycle to suburb areas Trinity College Dublin provides a great opportunity to balance working in the city while renting in the suburbs of Dublin.

Like most Universities TCD is broken into departments and research institutes:

University College Dublin

University College Dublin is also one of Irelands premier research institutes which has seen huge investment in scientific research in the past ten years and continues to impress with the volume and quality of publications it produces. The main research institutes in UCD are

Dublin City University

Based on the north side of Dublin, DCU is an University that is gaining traction as a top research university. Focusing on a range of research topics including health technologies, and the healthy and ageing society, information technology and the digital society sustainable economies and societies democratic and secure societies DCU provides a wealth of opportunity to carry out a PhD or PostDoc.

Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology is a technology research driven college based in the heart of Dublin city centre. One of the main research institutes at DIT is the FOCAS institute which is an interdisciplinary institute. Resources at FOCAS are unrivaled an include the followinginstrumentation for spectroscopic (UV to far IR) characterisation and imaging (Raman, FTIR) and optical (Confocal fluorescence), scanning probe (AFM, conductive AFM) and electron microscopy (SEM, WDX, EDX, variable pressure/cryo SEM, TEM). Which this range of instrumentation FOCAS provides a cutting edge environment for PhD and PostDoc jobs within Dublin.

University College Cork

University College Cork (UCC) is an internationally renowned University and is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide. UCC is research driven University which focuses on a huge range of topics including Gut Health, Cancer Epidemiology & Public Health Women & Child, Health Ageing Vascular Biology, Pharmaceuticals/Biopharmaceuticals Biomedical Devices, Cell Biology & Cell Signalling, Environmental Microbial Genomics, Food. Research institutes at UCC include:

National University of Ireland, Galway

One of Ireland’s premier Stem Cell, Cancer and Chromosome Biology research University, National University of Ireland Galway is increasing the amount of funding and investment it places into it’s scientific research institutes. Covering a range of research topics as mentioned above, NUI Galway is a great place to look for PostDoc and PhD jobs:

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Maynooth is a city in Kildare just outside of Dublin. The life science research interest of NUI Maynooth is understanding fundamental aspects of human health and disease. Primarily known as one of the best places in Ireland to carry out immunology research, the Immunology research institute focuses on multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma to early clinical studies on new vaccines.

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is a growing research driven university in the west of Ireland. Focusing on biomedical engineering & biomaterials, composite materials, pharmaceutical materials & Materials for Energy & Environment.

Renting in Ireland

Popular areas to live in Dublin that doesnt have ridiculously expensive rent and great social scenes include Rathmines, Ranelagh, Blackrock, the Liberties & Clontarf. If you are looking for a place to rent the main rental property website is which combines both private and letting agent places. You can also try which will be mainly privately rented accommodation. In Ireland you will have to pay about 1 months deposit up front and the first months rent. If you have a television you also have to pay a TV licence.

Finally you can find out some more information Ireland as an academic destination by the Chronicle of Higher Education here and from the Irish Travel Board.

16th Mar 2021 Sean Mac Fhearraigh

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