Lab Posters

Fun :)

Lab Posters - Just Some Fun!

At Assay Genie we know that the lab sometimes needs some great posters to brighten up the lab. So after some deep thought and lots of coffee we've put together our series of fun lab posters!

The Lab Cat!

Our cat poster is for the lab stalwart, the lab champion, that never stops and lives in the lab! From PhD to Post-Doc, we all know one!

Disaster Cat!

Our disaster cat poster is keep the safety of the lab in mind! We all know the one clumsy scientist that needs some extra safety training. We hope our disaster cat poster will keep the lab a little safer!

Hope Pug!

Our Hope Pug Poster is for the researcher that will never stop believing and will do everything to optimize that assay to get their key piece of data!

Motivation Monkey!

Our hang in their poster is for the scientist that just needs a little more motivation to keep going! No matter how bad you think it is, it can always get better!