Cell Health Assay Kits

Cell Health Assays

Measure Cell Health, Proliferation, Cytotoxicity & Apoptosis!

ADME Assays

A range of ADME toxicity and screening assays

Apoptosis Assays

A range of Apoptosis & Necrosis Assays

3D Culture Assays

A range of 3D culture cell health assays

Cell Viability Assays

A range of Cell Viability & Proliferation assays

Cytoxicity Assays

A range of cytotoxicity and screening assays

Oxidative Stress Assays

A range of Oxidative Stress and screening assays

Cell Viability & Proliferation Assays

Assay Genie have created a suite of over different assays for measuring cell viability and proliferation.

These assays enable the highly sensitive and reproducible detection of proliferation and viability in a wide variety of sample types.

Many assay display excellent Z'-factor value making them a super choice for high-throughput screening applications.

Cytoxiticity Assays

Assay Genie have developed over 10 assays to quantify cellular cytoxicity and senescence. Utilizing best-in-class technology, many of the Assay Genie Cytotoxicity assays come in a 1-Step, no wash, homogenous format, enabling automation for high thoughput screening applications.

All our assays enable highly sensitive and reproducible detection of cytoxicity and senescence in a variety of samples.

Apoptosis & Necrosis Assays

Assay Genie have developed an extensive suite of assays to measure various forms of cell death including highly sensitive and reproducible detection of apoptosis & necrosis.

These assays detect key biomarkers such as caspase activity, DNA fragmentation and translocation of phosphatidylserine to the out surface of the plasma membrane.