1-Step Cell Proliferation Assay Kit (BN00558)



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1 -Step Cell Proliferation Assay Kit

The Quick Cell Proliferation Assay Kit II provides by far the easiest and most sensitive means for quantifying cell proliferation and viability. The assay is based on the cleavage of the tetrazolium salt to formazan by cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenase. The amount of the dye generated by activity of dehydrogenase is directly proportional to the number ofLiving cells. The formazan dye produced by viable cells can be quantified by multi-well spectrophotometer (microtiter plate reader) by measuring the absorbance of the dye solution at 440 nm. The assay can be used for measurement of cell proliferation in response to growth factors, cytokines, mitogens, and nutrients, etc. It can also be used for the analysis of cytotoxic compounds like anticancer drugs and many other toxic agents and pharmaceutical compounds. The new method is so simple, just add-and-read, requiring no washing, no harvesting, and no solubilization steps. It is faster, stable, and more sensitive than MTT, XTT, MTS based assays. The assay correlates well with the [3H]-thymidine incorporation assay.

Key Information Description

Detection Method

Absorbance (420-480 nm)

Size Options

  • 500 Assays
  • 2500 Assays

Species Reactivity



The assay measures cell proliferation in response to growth factors/cytokines/mitogens/and nutrients etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple one-step procedure; takes less than 4 hours
  • Convenient
  • Uses a water-soluble tetrazolium salt WST reagent. The method is so simple that requires no washing/harvesting/or solubilization steps and is faster and more sensitive than MTT/XTT/or MTS-based assays. The entire assay can be performed directly in a 96-well plate.

Kit Components

  • WST Reagent (lyophilized)
  • Electro Coupling Solution (ECS)
  • Stop Solution

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Shipping Conditions

Gel Pack


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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Additional Information

Product type:
Cellular Assay
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