Anti-41BB Ligand antibody (DM68) Rabbit mAb (HDAB0055)



DescriptionThe protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine that belongs to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand family. This transmembrane cytokine is a bidirectional signal transducer that acts as a ligand for TNFRSF9/4-1BB, which is a costimulatory receptor molecule in T lymphocytes. This cytokine and its receptor are involved in the antigen presentation process and in the generation of cytotoxic T cells. The receptor TNFRSF9/4-1BB is absent from resting T lymphocytes but rapidly expressed upon antigenic stimulation. The ligand encoded by this gene, TNFSF9/4-1BBL, has been shown to reactivate anergic T lymphocytes in addition to promoting T lymphocyte proliferation. This cytokine has also been shown to be required for the optimal CD8 responses in CD8 T cells. This cytokine is expressed in carcinoma cell lines, and is thought to be involved in T cell-tumor cell interaction.
Product nameAnti-41BB Ligand antibody (DM68) Rabbit mAb
Synonyms4-1BB Ligand,TNFSF9,CD137L
Quantity100 µL
ShippingBlue Ice
Antigen41BB Ligand
IsotypeRabbit IgG
ApplicationELISA,Flow Cyt
Immunogen substituteRecombinant human 4-1BB Ligand (Pro52-Glu254) (HDPT0045) produced by using human HEK293 cells
PurificationPurified from cell culture supernatant by affinity chromatography
StorageStore at -20°C for 12 months (Avoid repeated freezing and thawing)
UsageResearch use only
Buffer50% Glycerol; PBS, pH 7.4; 0.1% BSA
Preservative0.1% Procline 300
ReconstitutionReconstitute with deionized water
Application AdviceELISA 1/5000-10000;Flow Cyt  1/100
Gene ID8744
Molecular Weight27.9kDa
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