Hexokinase Activity Assay (BN00982)

  • Metabolism Assays Hexokinase Activity Assay BN00982
  • Metabolism Assays Hexokinase Activity Assay BN00982
  • Metabolism Assays Hexokinase Activity Assay BN00982


Technical Manual MSDS

Hexokinase Activity Assay

Assay Genie's Hexokinase Activity Assay kit provides a quick and easy method for monitoring Hexokinase (HK) activity in a wide variety of samples. In this assay, HK converts glucose into glucose-6-Phosphate, which in turn undergoes a series of reactions and reduce to generate intense fluorescent product (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The assay is simple, sensitive and high-throughput adaptable and can detect as low as 2 µU of HK activity.

Hexokinase Activity Assay Kit Data

Assay Information Description
Product Name: Hexokinase Activity Assay
Product SKU: BN00982
Size: 100 assays
Detection Method: Fluorometric (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm)
Sensitivity: 2 µU
  • Measurement of Hexokinase activity in various tissues/cells
  • Analysis of Glucose metabolism and Cell signaling in various cell types
  • Screening anti-diabetic drugs
Sample Types:
  • Animal tissues: muscle, liver, heart, kidney, etc.
  • Cell culture: adherent or suspension cells
  • Plant tissues
  • Serum
Storage: Store the kit at -20°C, protect from light
Shipping Conditions: Gel Pack
Usage: For research use only. Not for use in humans.

Hexokinase Activity Assay Kit Components

Component Quantity
HK Assay Buffer 25 ml
GenieProbe (in DMSO) 0.4 ml
HK Substrate 1 ml
ATP 1 vial
HK Enzyme 1 vial
HK Developer 1 vial
HK Positive Control 1 vial
NADPH Standard (200 nmol) 1 vial

Product Images

Unit Definition: One unit of Hexokinase is the amount of anzyme that egnerates 1.0µmol of NADPH per min at pH 8.0 at 250C.

Figure: (a)NADPH Standard Curve (b) Kinetic measurement of HK Specific Activity in lysates prepared from orchid leaf (4µg) MCF-7 (0.56µg), Jurkat (0.65µg) and HeLa (0.62µg) cells. (c) HK Specific Activity of samples mentions in fig. b. Assays were preformed following Kit Protocol.

Hexokinase Background

Hexokinase (EC; also called HK, 6-Phosphate Glucose Kinase, ATP: D-Hexose 6-Phosphotransferase, ATP-dependent Hexokinase) is found in many organisms including bacteria, plants and mammals. Hexokinases play an important role in glucose metabolism. There are four isoforms (HK-I, II, III and IV). HK-I, HK-II, and HK-III have low Km, while HK-IV (also called Glucokinase) has 100-fold high Km for glucose. Hexokinase deficiency leads to diseases such as X-linked muscular dystrophy and rare autosomal recessive hemolytic anemia. On the other hand, increased hexokinase activity is detected in various human tumors and is associated with metastasis.

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Additional Information

Product type:
Cellular Assay
Detection Method:
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