AFM1 (Aflatoxin M1) ELISA Kit (FSES0078)

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Technical Manual

AFM1 (Aflatoxin M1) ELISA Kit

Kit Name: AFM1 (Aflatoxin M1) ELISA Kit
Kit Size: 96 Assays
Test Principle: This kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk, Milk powder, Yogurt, Cheese etc.
Sensitivity: Contact Technical Support
Reaction Mode: 25°C, 60min˜30min˜15min
Detection Limit: Raw milk, pure milk, reconstituted milk, yogurt---0.025ppb; Cheese---0.25ppb
Cross Reactivity: Aflatoxin M1 ---100%, Aflatoxin M2 ---< 1%, Aflatoxin B1---40%, Aflatoxin B2---3%, Aflatoxin G1---20%, Aflatoxin G2---2%.
Sample Recovery Rate: 100%±30%.
Kits Components: Contact Technical Support
Instruments: Microplate reader, Printer, Homogenizer, Oscillators, Centrifuge, Graduated pipette, Balance (sensibility 0.01g). Please see protocol for additional equipment requirements.
Micropipette: Single channel (20-200 uL, 100-1000 uL), Multichannel (30-300 uL).
Reagents: Contact Technical Support
Storage And Expiry Date: Store the kit at 2~8°C. Do not freeze any test kit components. Return any unused microwells to their original foil bag and reseal them together with the desiccant provided and further store at 2 - 8°C. Expiry date: expiration date is on the packing box.