Cathepsin E Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) (BN00445)

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  • Cathepsin E Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) (BN00445)
  • Cathepsin E Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) (BN00445)


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Cathepsin E Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

Cathepsin E (CTSE, EC: is a gastric aspartyl protease that functions as a disulfide-linked homodimer. This protease has a specificity similar to that of pepsin A and cathepsin D. It is an intracellular proteinase that is found in highest concentration on the surface of epithelial mucus-producing cells of the stomach. It is the first aspartic proteinase expressed in the fetal stomach and is found in more than half of gastric cancers. Assay Genie's Cathepsin E Activity Assay Kit utilizes the ability of an active Cathepsin E to cleave a synthetic MCA-based peptide substrate to release free MCA, which can be easily quantified using a fluorometer or fluorescence microplate reader. This assay kit is simple, rapid and can detect Cathepsin E activity as low as 1 mU in biological samples.

Figure: (a) MCA Standard Curve, (b) Cathepsin E activity in rat liver lysate (6 µg), rat kidney lysate (12 µg), and Positive Control (2 µl).
Assays were performed following the kit protocol.

Key Information Description

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100 assays

Detection Method

Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 320/420 nm)


  • Detection of Cathepsin E activity in tissue and cell lysates
  • Determine activity of purified Cathepsin E

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid & convenient
  • Detects Cathepsin E activity as low as 1 mU in biological samples

Kit Components

  • CTSE Assay Buffer
  • CTSE Lysis Buffer
  • CTSE Substrate
  • Human Cathepsin E (Positive Control)
  • MCA Standard (1 mM)

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For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans

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