Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit (Biological Fluids/Cell Media, 20 reactions) (BN00079)

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  • Molecular Biology Tools Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit Biological Fluids/Cell Media, 20 reactions BN00079
  • Molecular Biology Tools Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit Biological Fluids/Cell Media, 20 reactions BN00079


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Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit (Biological Fluids/Cell Media, 20 reactions)

Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm) actively secreted by exocytosis by most living cells. Exosome release occurs either constitutively or upon induction, under both normal and pathological conditions, in a dynamic, regulated and functionally relevant manner. Both the amount and molecular composition of the released exosomes depend on the state of a parent cell. Exosomes have been isolated from diverse cell lines (hematopoietic cells, tumor lines, primary cultures, and virus infected cells) as well as from biological fluids in particular blood (e.g. serum and plasma from cancer patients) and other body fluids (broncho alveolar lavage fluid, pleural effusions, synovial fluid, urine, amniotic fluid, semen, saliva etc). Exosomes have pleiotropic physiological and pathological functions and an emerging role in diverse pathological conditions such as cancer, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. Exosomes shuttle functional RNA molecules in the target cell. Increasing evidence suggests a role for exosome-derived miRNAs in the development and/or progression of specific human diseases. Pathogenic miRNAs might be exploited as novel therapeutic targets or disease biomarkers in complex diseases, including cancer. In fact, miRNAs seem to play critical roles as transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulators of epigenetic mechanisms and cell processes and have been linked to the etiology, progression and prognosis of cancer. Similar miRNA expression patterns between tumor tissue samples and circulating exosomes have been observed. This overall exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction kit has been developed for the isolation and efficient extraction of high-quality total RNA (miRNA and mRNAs) from the overall exosome population from human biofluids or cell culture media. Exosome capture occurs on immunobeads precoated with exosome associated antibodies enabling overall exosome isolation. The immunobeads can capture the overall exosome population from a wide range of media, including cell culture supernatants and human biofluids (plasma, serum, urine, etc) as well as enrich some specific exosome subpopulations (tumor-derived exosomes). The captured exosomes are subsequently lysed with an optimized lysis buffer and total RNA is purified using spin columns with a fast and user-friendly process. Eluted RNA can be used for downstream analyses or stored at -80°C. Exosome standards for positive control are also included in the kit. All our kits guarantee high specificity for exosomal RNA and high yield of total RNA (including small RNAs) than similar products.

Figure: 1) Expected Nanodrop profile for RNA extracted from immunocaptured exosomes (100 μl of human plasma). Yield = 8.4 ng/μl; A260/280 =1.6; A260/230= 1.85 2) Nanodrop Quantification of total RNA yield 3) miRNA 21 amplification by qPCR

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20 reactions

Detection Method

Overall Exosome immunocapture and RNA extraction

Species Reactivity

Human biological fluids including Plasma, Serum, Urine and Cell culture media.


Direct capture and exosome RNA extraction from human biofluids and cell culture media without initial exosome purification step, Starting from 0.1 ml of biological sample (plasma) per reaction. Whole plasma and serum can be directly used for capture. Concentrated urine and cell culture supernatant samples are recommended prior capture according to our suggested protocol, Simultaneous miRNA and mRNA profiling (qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarray)

Features and Benefits

High yield of total RNA (including small RNAs)

Kit Components

  • Pre-couple latex immunobeads
  • Bead Washing buffer (5X)
  • Lysis buffer
  • RNA Washing buffer (to add Ethanol 96%)
  • Elution buffer
  • Columns
  • RNase free elution tubes (1.5 ml)
  • Lyophilized Exosome Standard

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