Glucose Uptake Assay Kit (Cell-Based) (BN00905)



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Glucose Uptake Assay Kit (Cell-Based)

Glucose is a ubiquitous energy source in most organisms and plays a pivotal role in cellular metabolism and homeostasis. Cancer cells exhibit increased glucose uptake to support their high proliferation rate.

Figure: Glucose uptake in Jurkat and HeLa cells. 2.5x105 Jurkat cells were treated with or without 4 ul phloretin (1X concentration) for 45 min. After treatment, cells were washed and incubated with Glucose Uptake Reagent, glucose uptake enhancer and the same concentration of phloretin for another 30 minutes according to the kit protocol. (A) Comparison of histogram from the flow analysis showing the inhibition of glucose uptake by phloretin in Jurkat cells (Black: negative control cells; orange: in the presence of phloretin; blue: without phloretin). (B) Images of Jurkat cells obtained using fluorescent microscope (Top: treated with phloretin; Bottom: without phloretin treatment). (C) Glucose Uptake in HeLa cells: HeLa cells showing uptake of glucose uptake reagent in the cytoplasm. Cells were strained with glucose uptake reagent for 30 minutes and fixed. Image was taken using a fluorescent microscope with a 60X objective lens.

Glucose uptake assay kit information

At Assay Genie, we have developed a fluorescent glucose analog, which just like glucose can be taken up by cells through glucose transporters. However, this glucose analog cannot be fully utilized in glycolysis because of its modification and thus accumulates inside the cells. Fluorescence generated by this fluorescent glucose analog is proportional to the glucose uptake by the cells and can be used to measure glucose uptake using fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry. To validate the assay, the kit includes phloretin, a natural phenol that inhibits glucose uptake. This easy-to-use, non-radioactive kit allows imaging and accurate measurement of glucose uptake in cultured cells in response to insulin, growth factors etc.


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Number of Assays

50 assays


FACS (488 nm excitation laser) and fluorescent microscope

Key applications

  • Measurement of glucose uptake in response to insulin, growth factors, cytokines, mitogens and nutrients, etc.
  • Dual-staining of glucose transporters and glucose uptake Analysis of glucose metabolism and cell signaling in various cell types
  • Screening of anti-diabetic compounds


  • Easy-to-use
  • Non-radioactive
  • Image and accurately measure glucose uptake in cultured cells in response to insulin, growth factors etc.

Materials provided

  • Analysis Buffer (50X)
  • Glucose Uptake Reagent (100X)
  • Glucose Uptake Reagent Enhancer
  • Phloretin (100X)

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For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.
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Additional Information

Product type:
Cellular Assay
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