Glutamate Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00853)

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  • Glutamate Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00853)
  • Glutamate Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00853)
  • Glutamate Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00853)


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Glutamate Colorimetric Assay Kit

Glutamate, one of the two acidic proteinogenic amino acids, is also a key molecule in cellular metabolism. In humans, glutamate plays an important role both in amino acid degradation and disposal of excess or waste nitrogen. Glutamate is the most abundant swift excitatory neurotransmitter in the mammalian nervous system. It is believed to be involved in learning and memory and has appeared to be involved in diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, lathyrism, autism, some forms of mental retardation and Alzheimer's disease. Glutamic acid is also present in a wide variety of foods, and has been used as a flavor enhancer in food industry. Assay Genie's Glutamate Assay Kit provides a sensitive detection method of the glutamate in a variety of samples. The glutamate Enzyme Mix recognizes glutamate as a specific substrate leading to proportional color development. The amount of glutamate can therefore be easily quantified by colorimetric (spectrophotometry at = 450 nm) method.

Figure: (a) Glutamate concentration in human serum (25 μl), (b) Glutamate concentration in soy sauce (25 μl, 500 times diluted) and tomato (fresh, 25 μl, 50 times diluted). Tomato was chopped into small pieces and homogenized in Assay buffer (1 g/ml). Homogenate was incubated for a minimum of 10 min. at room temperature. Centrifuged (10000 rpm; 4C; 10 min) and supernatant was collected. Supernatant was diluted using Assay Buffer. Recommended dilution (30-120 fold). Sample volume can range between 2 and 50 ul (diluted samples), (c) Glutamate Standard Curve.

Note: A blender may improve glutamate extraction from tomato (Optional). Enzyme mix is inhibited by tomato homogenate. User must dilute tomato sample. Assays were performed following the kit protocol.

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100 assays

Detection Method

Absorbance (450 nm)

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Features and Benefits

  • Simple procedure; takes ~ 40 minutes
  • Fast and convenient
  • Kit contains the necessary reagents for accurate measurement of Glutamate

Kit Components

  • Glutamate Assay Buffer
  • Glutamate Enzyme Mix
  • Glutamate Developer
  • Glutamate Standard (0.1M)

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Shipping Conditions

Gel Pack


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

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