HAT Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit (BN00599)

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HAT Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit

Histone acetyltransferases (HATs) have been implicated to play a crucial role in various cellular functions, such as gene transcription, differentiation, and proliferation. Assay Genie's HAT Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit offers a convenient, nonradioactive system for a rapid and sensitive detection of HAT activity in mammalian samples. The kit utilizes active Nuclear Extract (NE) as a positive control and acetyl-CoA as a cofactor. Acetylation of peptide substrate by active HAT releases the free form of CoA which then serves as an essential coenzyme for producing NADH. NADH can easily be detected spectrophotometrically upon reacting with a soluble tetrazolium dye. The detection can be continuous and suitable for kinetic studies. The kit provides a simple, straightforward protocol for a complete assay.

Fig. 1: Analyses of HAT Activity in HeLa Nuclear Extract. HeLa nuclear extract in various amounts was incubated with HAT substrate. Activity was analyzed in a micro plate reader at 440 nm according to the kit instructions.

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100 assays

Detection Method

Absorbance (440 nm)

Species Reactivity



Detects HAT activity by colorimetric method in mammalian samples

Features and Benefits

  • Simple procedure
  • Fast and convenient
  • The detection can be continuous and suitable for kinetic studies

Kit Components

  • 2X HAT Assay Buffer
  • HAT Substrate I
  • HAT Substrate II
  • NADH Generating Enzyme
  • HAT Reconstitution Buffer
  • Nuclear Extract 4 mg/ml

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Dry Ice


For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.