Mammalian Cell Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (BN01127)



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Mammalian Cell Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

Isolation of high quality DNA from mammalian cells and tissue in sufficient quantities is important for many basic research and clinical applications. Assay Genie's Mammalian Cell Genomic DNA Isolation Kit facilitates purification of quality DNA from mammalian cultured cells or tissue. This kit utilizes enzymatic reactions to release genomic DNA from the cells. Upon release, DNA is adsorbed onto a silica spin-column under chaotropic conditions, eliminating the use of toxic organic compounds or solvents. DNA purified by this kit is suitable for various downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR, cloning, DNA hybridization, Southern Blotting, sequencing, genotyping, enzymatic analysis, and more

Figure 1: Example Genomic DNA Isolation


Gel Lane Description:

Assay Genie’s BriteRuler 1kb DNA Ladder – Lane 1; Genomic DNA extracted from EA.hy 926 cells – Lane 2, HT 1080 cells – Lane 3, Jurkat cells – Lane 4, and rat kidney tissue – Lane 5.

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100 isolations

Species Reactivity


Features & Benefits

Simple & rapid method to isolate highly pure, intact DNA from mammalian samples

Kit Components

  • Buffer R [Re-suspension Buffer]
  • Enzyme Mix A
  • RNAse ABuffer B [Binding Buffer]
  • Buffer W [Wash Buffer]
  • Buffer E [Elution Buffer]
  • Spin Columns/Collection Tubes

Storage Conditions

Multiple Temperatures

Shipping Conditions

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For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans

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Molecular Tools
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