Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay Kit (BN00752)

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  • Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay Kit (BN00752)
  • Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay Kit (BN00752)
  • Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay Kit (BN00752)


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Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay Kit  

Mitochondrial Complex III or Ubiquinol-Cytochrome c reductase (EC is the third complex of the Electron Transport Chain located in the mitochondrial membrane. It is present in the mitochondria of all aerobic eukaryotes and also in the inner membranes of most bacteria. It transfers electrons from CoQH (reduced coenzyme Q or ubiquinol) to cytochrome c, resulting in the reduction of cytochrome c. This reduced cytochrome c is a substrate for complex IV of the electron transport chain.

Assay Genie's Mitochondrial Complex III Activity Assay is based on this reduction of cytochrome c through the activity of Complex III. The absorbance of reduced cytochrome c can be measured at 550 nm. It is a fast and reliable method to determine the activity of complex III in isolated mitochondria. The kit can detect as low as 10 mU/ml and is linear up to 30 mU/ml.

Figure: (a) Standard curve for reduced cytochrome c when reduced with DTT. (b) Complex III activity in increasing amounts of bovine heart mitochondria. (c) Activity of Complex III in isolated bovine heart mitochondria in absence and presence of Antimycin A (units/µg protein). Assays were performed following the kit protocol.

Key Information Description

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Kit Size

100 assays


Colorimetric (Absorbance 550 nm)


Multiple species


Measurement of Complex III activity in isolated mitochondria


  • Simple, rapid & convenient assay to measure Mitochondrial Complex III
  • Includes Inhibitor (Antimicyn A)

Kit Contents

  • Complex III Assay Buffer
  • Cytochrome c
  • Complex III Inhibitor Antimycin A
  • 1 M DTT
  • Clear 96-well half area plate




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