Rat IgG2b Isotype Control - Low Endotoxin

Product Type:
Isotype Control
Rat IgG2b
Endotoxin Level:
Low Endotoxin
Host Species:
$150 - $3,864
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Rat IgG2b Isotype Control - Low Endotoxin

Introducing the Rat IgG2b Isotype Control (Low Endotoxin) from Assay Genie, a highly reliable isotype control designed for in vivo applications. This isotype control is essential for verifying the specificity of primary antibody staining in immunological assays, ensuring accurate and meaningful results. With a rat IgG2b isotype, it guarantees high purity and exceptionally low endotoxin levels (<1.0 EU/mg), making it ideal for use in ELISA, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and other sensitive assays. Available in various sizes, it is meticulously formulated in phosphate-buffered saline to maintain stability and efficacy.

Enhance the precision of your research with this dependable and versatile isotype control. The IgG2b isotype is utilized in various immunological research settings, serving as a critical control to differentiate nonspecific background signal from specific target signal. This control is especially beneficial when analyzing samples for immune response, enabling more precise and validated experimental outcomes.