Rat Galectin/LGALS1 Recombinant Protein (RPES5240)

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Recombinant Protein
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ELISA Kit Technical Manual

Recombinant Rat Galectin/LGALS1 Protein

Background:Galectin (Gal, GAL1), is a member of the galectins, a family of animal lectins ranging from Caenorhabditis elegans to humans, which is defined by their affinity for beta-galactosides and by significant sequence similarity in the carbohydrate-binding site. It is a homodimer with a subunit molecular mass of 14.5 kDa, which contains six cysteine residues per subunit. The cysteine residues should be in a free state in order to maintain a molecular structure that is capable of showing lectin activity. This endogenous lectin widely expressed at sites of inflammation and tumour growth, has been postulated as an attractive immunosuppressive agent to restore immune cell tolerance and homeostasis in autoimmune and inflammatory settings. On the other hand, galectin contributes to different steps of tumour progression including cell adhesion, migration and tumour-immune escape, suggesting that blockade of galectin might result in therapeutic benefits in cancer. Several potential glycoprotein ligands for galectin have been identified, including lysosome-associated membrane glycoproteins and fibronectin, laminin, as well as T-cell glycoproteins CD43 and CD45. Evidence points to Gal and its ligands as one of the master regulators of such immune responses as T-cell homeostasis and survival, T-cell immune disorders, inflammation and allergies as well as host-pathogen interactions.
Name:Recombinant Rat Galectin/LGALS1 Protein
Assay Genie SKU:RPES5240
Expression host:E.coli
Mol Mass:14.9 kDa
AP Mol Mass:16 kDa
Purity:> 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
Endotoxin:Please contact us for more information.
Storage:Lyophilized proteins are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -20 to -80°C. Reconstituted protein solution can be stored at 4-8? for 2-7 days. Aliquots of reconstituted samples are stable at < -20'C for 3 months.
Shipping:This product is provided as lyophilized powder which is shipped with ice packs.
Formulation:Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.5
Reconstitution:Please refer to the printed manual for detailed information.
UniProt Protein Function:galectin: May regulate apoptosis, cell proliferation and cell differentiation. Binds beta-galactoside and a wide array of complex carbohydrates. Inhibits CD45 protein phosphatase activity and therefore the dephosphorylation of Lyn kinase. Homodimer. Binds LGALS3BP. Interacts with CD2, CD3, CD4, CD7, CD43 and CD45. Interacts with laminin (via poly-N- acetyllactosamine). Expressed in placenta, maternal decidua and fetal membranes. Within placenta, expressed in trophoblasts, stromal cells, villous endothelium, syncytiotrophoblast apical membrane and villous stroma. Within fetal membranes, expressed in amnion, chorioamniotic mesenchyma and chorion. Expressed in cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle, neurons, thymus, kidney and hematopoietic cells.
UniProt Protein Details:

Protein type:Cell adhesion; Extracellular matrix; Secreted

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 7q34

Cellular Component: cell surface; cytoplasm; cytosol; extracellular matrix; extracellular space; intracellular; nucleus; proteinaceous extracellular matrix

Molecular Function:carbohydrate binding; lactose binding; laminin binding; protein binding; protein homodimerization activity; RNA binding; signal transducer activity

Biological Process: apoptosis; maintenance of protein location; myoblast differentiation; plasma cell differentiation; positive regulation of erythrocyte aggregation; positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling; positive regulation of virion penetration into host cell; response to axon injury; response to drug; signal transduction; T cell costimulation

NCBI Summary:lectin that binds beta-galactoside [RGD, Feb 2006]
UniProt Code:P11762
NCBI GenInfo Identifier:9845261
NCBI Gene ID:56646
NCBI Accession:NP_063969.1
UniProt Related Accession:P11762
Molecular Weight:14,857 Da
NCBI Full Name:galectin
NCBI Synonym Full Names:galectin 1
NCBI Official Symbol:Lgals1  
NCBI Protein Information:galectin
UniProt Protein Name:Galectin
UniProt Synonym Protein Names:14 kDa lectin; Beta-galactoside-binding lectin L4-I; Galaptin; Lactose-binding lectin 1; Lectin galactoside-binding soluble 1; RL 14.5; S-Lac lectin 1
Protein Family:Gallinacin
UniProt Gene Name:Lgals1