Acetylcholine Assay Kit (BA0069)

Product Type:
Microplate Reader
Sample Type:
Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva, Milk, Tissue, Cell Culture
Research Area:
Clinical Chemistry
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Acetylcholine Assay Kit - Information

Assay Genie's acetylcholine assay provides a simple, direct and high-throughput assay for measuring acetylcholine in biological samples. In this assay, acetylcholine is hydrolyzed by acetylcholinesterase to choline which is oxidized by choline oxidase to betaine and H2O2. The resulting H2O2 reacts with a specific dye to form a pink colored product. The color intensity at 570nm or fluorescence intensity (530/585 nm) is directly proportional to the acetylcholine concentration in the sample.


For quantitative determination of acetylcholine and evaluation of drug effects on acetylcholine metabolism.

Acetylcholine Assay Kit - Key Features

  • Use 20 samples. Linear detection range: colorimetric assay 10 to 200 , fluorimetric assay 0.4 to 10 acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Kit IncludesAssay Buffer: 10 mL ACHE Enzyme: 120 mL Enzyme Mix: Dried Dye Reagent: 120 mL Standard: 400 mL 2 mM acetylcholine
Kit RequiresPipetting devices, centrifuge tubes, clear flat-bottom uncoated 96-well plates, optical density plate reader; black flatbottom uncoated 96-well plates, fluorescence plate reader.
Method of DetectionOD570nm, or FL530/585nm
Detection LimitOD, FL: 10, 0.4
SamplesSerum, plasma, urine, saliva, milk, tissue, and cell culture etc
Protocol Length30 min
Size100 tests
StorageStore all components at -20°C.
Shelf Life6 months

More Details

ACETYLCHOLINE is a neurotransmitter produced in acetylcholinergic neurons. It plays important roles in skeletal muscle movement, regulation of smooth and cardiac muscles, as well as in learning, memory and mood.