Heme Assay Kit (BA0044)

Product Type:
Microplate Reader
Sample Type:
Blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine
Research Area:
Clinical Chemistry
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Heme Assay Kit - Information

Assay Genie's Heme Assay Kit is based on an improved aqueous alkaline solution method, in which the heme is converted into a uniform colored form. The intensity of color, measured at 400 nm, is directly proportional to the heme concentration in the sample. The optimized formulation substantially reduces interference by substances in the raw samples and exhibits high sensitivity.


For quantitative determination of heme and evaluation of drug effects on heme metabolism.

Heme Assay Kit - Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Linear detection range 0.6 - 125 heme in 96-well plate assay.
  • Simple and high-throughput. The "mix-and-read" procedure involves addition of a single working reagent and reading the optical density. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput assay in 96-well plates for thousands of samples per day.
  • Safety. Reagents are non-toxic.
  • Versatility. Assays can be executed in 96-well plate or cuvet.

Heme Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Method of DetectionOD400nm
Detection Limit0.6
SamplesBlood, serum, plasma, urine etc
Protocol Length5 min
Size250 tests
Shelf Life12 months

More Details

Heme is one important member of the porphyrin family. It is synthesized in both mitochondria and cytoplasm, and is a key prosthetic group for various essential proteins such as hemoglobin, cytochromes, catalases and peroxidases. Heme determination is widely practiced by researchers of various blood diseases. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring heme concentration are becoming popular in Research and Drug Discovery.