Human CD40L/TNFSF5 Recombinant Protein (E.coli) (RPES3661)

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Recombinant Protein
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Human CD40L/TNFSF5 Recombinant Protein (E.coli)

CD40 Ligand (CD40LG) is a type II transmembrane glycoprotein that belongs to the TNF superfamily. CD40LG is a member of the TNF superfamily and, as with other family members, exists as a trimer in membrane-bound form and a soluble form that is bioactive. CD40L is a ligand for CD40; in cells expressing CD40L, ligation of this protein activates signal transduction. CD40LG is a T-cell antigen that is expressed on the surface of the cell. It promotes B-cell growth and production of all immunoglobulins isotypes in the presence of cytokines. CD40LG has been found to cause cytokine production and tumour-killing activity in peripheral blood monocytes, according to a study. It also stimulates the proliferation of activated T-cells, as well as IFN-gamma production, and TNF-alpha; and IL2. Human CD40L/TNFSF5 Recombinant Protein (E.coli) is a highly pure recombinant protein developed by Assay Genie for use in a range of applications.