Human SHISA3 Recombinant Protein (RPES0403)

Product type:
Recombinant Protein
Host species:
HEK293 Cells


ELISA Kit Technical Manual

Recombinant Human SHISA3 Protein (Fc Tag)

Background:SHISA3 encodes a single-transmembrane protein which is one of nine members of a family of transmembrane adaptors that modulate both WNT and FGF signaling by blocking the maturation and transport of their receptors to the cell surface. Members of this family contain an N-terminal cysteine-rich domain with a distinct cysteine pattern, a single transmembrane domain, and a C-terminal proline-rich, low complexity region. The encoded protein acts as a tumor suppressor by accelerating beta-catenin degradation.
Name:Recombinant Human SHISA3 Protein (Fc Tag)
Assay Genie SKU:RPES0403
Expression host:HEK293 Cells
Sequence:Met 1-Pro 98
Mol Mass:34.9 kDa
Purity:>(13.6+78.2) % as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE..
Endotoxin:< 1.0 EU per µg as determined by the LAL method.
Storage:Lyophilized proteins are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -20 to -80°C. Reconstituted protein solution can be stored at 4-8? for 2-7 days. Aliquots of reconstituted samples are stable at < -20'C for 3 months.
Shipping:This product is provided as lyophilized powder which is shipped with ice packs.
Formulation:Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4
Reconstitution:Please refer to the printed manual for detailed information.