Sandwich ELISA Protocol

Figure 1: A schematic of a Sandwich ELISA, whereby the capture antibody and detection antibody have bound to the protein of interest.

What is a sandwich ELISA?

Sandwich ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) is a antibody based technique that allows researchers to quantify the amount of protein, hormone or analyte of interest in a sample. Capture and detection antibodies bind to non-overlapping epitopes on the protein to sandwich the protein, hence the name, Sandwich ELISA. Following the addition of the detection antibody, a chemical substrate is added (such as TMB) to produce a colorimetric signal that can be read by an ELISA plate reader.  

Sandwich ELISA antibodies

Antibodies used to create a Sandwich ELISA can be either polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies depending on the specificity, sensitivity and analyte being detected.

> Polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are often used to pull down as much analyte as possible in a sample. Polyclonal antibodies can bind to multiple facets of an epitope therefore, provide an increased capture opportunity for detecting proteins of interest.

> Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies allow researchers to pull down a single antigen. Therefore, allow researchers to distinguish between subtle differences in proteins. Monoclonal antibodies also provide increased consistency in data versus polyclonal antibodies.

Advantages of a Sandwich ELISA

Advantage Description

No sample purification required

Sandwich ELISA assays allow for the measure of proteins/analytes in complex samples without the need for purification.

High specificity

Since capture and detection antibodies are used, a Sandwich ELISA assay has increased sensitivity versus a direct or indirect ELISA assay.


Versus other EIA methods such as a Western Blot, the Sandwich ELISA assay allows researchers to quantify the amount of protein in a sample.

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