3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay

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Cell Samples
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Cell Viability & Proliferation
  • Apical-Out Organoids were treated for 1 hour with (A) 0.1% DMSO or (B) lethal levels of DMSO and cell viability measured using Assay Genie 3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay or a Competitor Product.
  • 3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay
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3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay

The Assay Genie 3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay is a highly sensitive, 1-step kit to quantify the number of live viable cells directly in 2D cell culture supernatants and 3D Organoid models.This kit is an excellent choice for proliferation and cytotoxicity studies and been validated in 2D cell culture as well as 3D Apical-Out airway organoids in a high-throughput 384-well format. This technology is based on the reduction of WST-8 Tetrazolium salt by mitochondrial dehydrogenases to an orange product which is directly proportional to the number of viable cells when measured at 450nm. WST-8 is highly soluble in cell culture medium with a low cytotoxicity profile and can be added directly to cultured cells with no pre-treatments or wash steps. It is extremely powerful for high-throughput and sensitive experiments especially those requiring longer incubation steps such as 24 hour or 48 hours. This kit offers a much higher sensitivity and lower cytotoxicity than other Tetrazolium reagents such as MTS, MTT, PrestoBlue or XTT.

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