OTC(Oxytetracycline) ELISA Kit (FSES0081)

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Technical Manual

OTC(Oxytetracycline) ELISA Kit (FSES0081)

Kit Name: OTC(Oxytetracycline) ELISA Kit
Kit Size: 96 Assays
Test Principle: This kit uses Competitive-ELISA as the method. It can detect Tetracyclines (TCS) in samples, such as tissue, honey, etc.
Sensitivity: 0.05 ppb (ng/mL)
Reaction Mode: 37°C, 30 min˜30 min˜15 min
Detection Limit: Tissue, Liver, Eggs---0.4 ppb; Honey---2 ppb; Urine---0.5 ppb.
Cross Reactivity: Tetracycline ---100%, Oxytetracycline ---100%, Chlortetracycline---16.7%, Deoxytetracycline ---4.2%.
Sample Recovery Rate: Tissue, Liver, Eggs---85%±20%, Honey---75%±20%, Urine---80%±20%.
Kits Components:
Item Specifications
ELISA Microplate 96 wells
High Concentrated Standard (1.0 ppm) 1 mL
Standard (empty bottle) (0 ppb,0.05 ppb,0.15 ppb, 0.45 ppb, 1.35 ppb, 4.05 ppb)
HRP Conjugate 11 mL
Antibody Working Solution 5.5 mL
Substrate Reagent A 6 mL
Substrate Reagent B 6 mL
Stop Solution 6 mL
20×Concentrated Wash Buffer 40 mL
5×Reconstitution Buffer 50 mL
Plate Sealer 3 pieces
Sealed Bag 1 piece
Manual 1 copy
Other materials required but not supplied:
Item Specifications
Instruments: Microplate reader, Printer, Homogenizer, Oscillators, Centrifuge, Graduated pipette, Balance (sensibility 0.01 g).
High-precision transferpettor: Single-channel (20-200 µL, 100-1000 µL), Multi-channel (300 µL).
Reagents: N, N-Dimethylformamide (DMF).
Storage And Expiry Date: Store the kit at 2-8°C. Do not freeze any test kit components. Return any unused microwells to their original foil bag and reseal them together with the desiccant provided and further store at 2-8°C.