Recombinant Human IL2RG/CD132 Protein (aa 1-254, Fc Tag) (RPES3821)



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Recombinant Human IL2RG/CD132 Protein (aa 1-254, Fc Tag)

Background:The common gamma chain (?c) (or CD132), also known as interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma or IL2RG, is a member of the type I cytokine receptor family expressed on most lymphocyte (white blood cell) populations, and its gene is found on the X-chromosome of mammals. The common gamma chain (?c) (or IL2RG), is a cytokine receptor sub-unit that is common to the receptor complexes for at least six different interleukin receptors: IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9, IL5 and interleukin-21 receptor. It is a component of multiple cytokine receptors that are essential for lymphocyte development and function. X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (XSCID) is a rare and potentially fatal disease caused by mutations of IL2RG, the gene encoding IL2RG. IL2RG was demonstrated to be a component of the IL-4 receptor on the basis of chemical cross-linking data, the ability of IL2RG to augment IL-4 binding affinity. The observation that IL-2R gamma is a functional component of the IL-4 receptor, together with the finding that IL-2R gamma associates with the IL-7 receptor, begins to elucidate why deficiency of this common gamma chain (gamma c) has a profound effect on lymphoid function and development, as seen in X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency.
Name:Recombinant Human IL2RG/CD132 Protein (aa 1-254, Fc Tag)
Assay Genie SKU:RPES3821
Synonyms:Cytokine receptor common subunit gamma; Interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma; gammaC; P64; CD132; IL2RG; SCIDX;SCIDX1; CIDX
Expression host:HEK293 Cells
Sequence:Met 1-Asn254
Mol Mass:54.4 kDa
AP Mol Mass:71 kDa
Purity:> 99 % as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin:< 1.0 EU per µg as determined by the LAL method.
Storage:Lyophilized proteins are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -20 to -80°C. Reconstituted protein solution can be stored at 4-8? for 2-7 days. Aliquots of reconstituted samples are stable at < -20'C for 3 months.
Shipping:This product is provided as lyophilized powder which is shipped with ice packs.
Formulation:Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4
Reconstitution:Please refer to the printed manual for detailed information.
UniProt Protein Function:IL2RG: Common subunit for the receptors for a variety of interleukins. Defects in IL2RG are the cause of severe combined immunodeficiency X-linked T-cell-negative/B-cell-positive/NK-cell- negative (XSCID); also known as agammaglobulinemia Swiss type. A form of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a genetically and clinically heterogeneous group of rare congenital disorders characterized by impairment of both humoral and cell- mediated immunity, leukopenia, and low or absent antibody levels. Patients present in infancy recurrent, persistent infections by opportunistic organisms. The common characteristic of all types of SCID is absence of T-cell-mediated cellular immunity due to a defect in T-cell development. Defects in IL2RG are the cause of X-linked combined immunodeficiency (XCID). XCID is a less severe form of X-linked immunodeficiency with a less severe degree of deficiency in cellular and humoral immunity than that seen in XSCID. Belongs to the type I cytokine receptor family. Type 5 subfamily.
UniProt Protein Details:

Protein type:Membrane protein, integral; Receptor, cytokine

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: Xq13.1

Cellular Component: membrane; integral to plasma membrane; plasma membrane; external side of plasma membrane

Molecular Function:protein binding; interleukin-4 receptor activity; interleukin-2 receptor activity; interleukin-7 binding; interleukin-7 receptor activity; interleukin-2 binding

Biological Process: viral reproduction; immune response; signal transduction

Disease: Combined Immunodeficiency, X-linked; Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, X-linked

NCBI Summary:The protein encoded by this gene is an important signaling component of many interleukin receptors, including those of interleukin -2, -4, -7 and -21, and is thus referred to as the common gamma chain. Mutations in this gene cause X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (XSCID), as well as X-linked combined immunodeficiency (XCID), a less severe immunodeficiency disorder. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2010]
UniProt Code:P31785
NCBI GenInfo Identifier:400048
NCBI Gene ID:3561
NCBI Accession:P31785.1
UniProt Secondary Accession:P31785,Q5FC12,
UniProt Related Accession:P31785
Molecular Weight:369
NCBI Full Name:Cytokine receptor common subunit gamma
NCBI Synonym Full Names:interleukin 2 receptor, gamma
NCBI Official Symbol:IL2RG  
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols:P64; CIDX; IMD4; CD132; SCIDX; IL-2RG; SCIDX1  
NCBI Protein Information:cytokine receptor common subunit gamma; gammaC; CD132 antigen; IL-2R subunit gamma; IL-2 receptor subunit gamma; common cytokine receptor gamma chain
UniProt Protein Name:Cytokine receptor common subunit gamma
UniProt Synonym Protein Names:Interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma; IL-2 receptor subunit gamma; IL-2R subunit gamma; IL-2RG; gammaC; p64; CD_antigen: CD132
Protein Family:Cytokine receptor
UniProt Gene Name:IL2RG  
UniProt Entry Name:IL2RG_HUMAN
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Additional Information

Product type:
Recombinant Protein
Host species:
HEK293 Cells
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