Human Interleukin1/IL1 Recombinant Protein (RPES1750)

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Recombinant Protein
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Growth Factors & Cytokines
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Human Interleukin1/IL1 Recombinant Protein

Interleukin 11 (IL-11) is a human growth hormone, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, and other growth factors in the same family. CIL-11 is a thrombopoietic growth factor that promotes hematopoietic stem cell and megakaryocyte progenitor cell proliferation and maturation, resulting in enhanced platelet production. It also promotes the growth of hepatocytes in response to injury to the liver. It activates a signaling pathway that promotes cell proliferation by binding to its receptor, which is made up of IL6ST and either IL11RA1 or IL11RA2. Activation of intracellular protein kinases and the phosphorylation of STAT3 occur as a result of the signaling. Human Interleukin1/IL1 Recombinant Protein is a highly pure recombinant protein developed by Assay Genie for use in a range of applications.