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Streptavidin-HRP Information

Product Sku KESAP002
Quantity 1 mL
Storage 2-8°C
Stability 12 months
Description Enzymatic reagent to react with biotinylated detection antibody in ELISA.
Preparation Dilute 500 µL of Streptavidin-HRP in 11.5 mL of 4% BSA in DPBS, or other acceptable diluent, for use in ELISA.

Streptavidin-HRP Procedure

1. After Biotinylated Detection Antibody incubation, wash plate FOUR times with Wash Buffer.
2. Prepare Streptavidin-HRP Working Solution as described.
3. Add 100 µL of Streptavidin-HRP Working Solution to each well.
4. Cover plate with Plate Sealer and incubate at room temperature for 30 minutes.
5. Wash plate FOUR times with Wash Buffer and proceed with HRP Substrate.
ELISA Accessory Pack: Product Sku: KESAP001