Going Green

At Reagent Genie, our mission is not only to help put smiles on scientist's faces but also to do it in an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious manner. Over the past year, we have taken many steps into what we believe is the right direction for becoming a more 'green' business.

The majority of waste produced comes from styrofoam boxes that are becoming destructive to the environment. At Reagent Genie, we have made it a mission to recycle any styrofoam boxes that come into the production system. Not only that, but we aim to reduce our Styrofoam use by 75% by using more environmentally friendly cold storage packaging such as Puffin packing and ClimaCells.

Our goal is to be 100% styrofoam free for all European orders by 2021. We also encourage our customers to reuse or recycle all packing.

As part of this of the 'green' initiative, we have invested in making our ELISA and Assay boxes recyclable. The outer packing plastic is also made from 100% biodegradable plastic.

Not only that, but we run a local ice-pack reusing/recycling system with many Universities such as Trinity, RCSI, and UCD to recycle and reuse ice-pack that otherwise would be thrown away.

16th Dec 2020 sania@reagentgenie.com BigCommerce

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