Alpha-Glucosidase Activity Assay Kit (BA0012)



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Alpha-Glucosidase Activity Assay Kit - Information

Alpha-Glucosidase colorimetric assay kit is designed to measure alpha-glucosidase activity directly in biological samples without pretreatment. The improved method utilizes p-nitrophenyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside that is hydrolyzed specifically by alpha-glucosidase into a yellow colored product (maximal absorbance at 405nm). The rate of the reaction is directly proportional to the enzyme activity.


For quantitative determination of alpha-glucosidase activity and evaluation of drug effects on its metabolism.

Alpha-Glucosidase Activity Assay Kit - Key Features

  • High sensitivity and wide linear range. Use 20 sample. The detection limit is 2 U/L, linear up to 250 U/L.
  • Homogeneous and simple procedure. Simple "mix-and-measure" procedure allows reliable quantitation of alpha-glucosidase activity within 20 minutes.
  • Robust and amenable to HTS. All reagents are compatible with high-throughput liquid handling instruments.

Alpha-Glucosidase Activity Assay Kit - Data Sheet

IncludesAssay Buffer: 24 mL (pH 7.0) a-NPG Substrate: 1 mL Calibrator: 10 mL (equivalent to 250 U/L)
Kit RequiresPipeting devices and accessories (e.g. multi-channel pipettor). Clear bottom 96-well plates (e.g. Corning Costar) and plate reader
Method of DetectionOD405nm
Detection Limit2 U/L
Size100 tests
StorageStore all components at -20°C
Shelf Life6 months

More Details

alpha-GLUCOSIDASEhydrolyzes the terminal, non-reducing 1,4-linked alpha-D-glucose residues with release of alpha-D-glucose. alpha-Glucosidase is needed by all animals to hydrolyze maltose to glucose for use as a food. Aberrant activities have been implicated in diseases such as diabetes and Pompe disease. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring alpha-glucosidase activity are becoming popular in Research and Drug Discovery.

Aliases for GAA Gene

  • GlucosidaseAlpha, Acid
  • AglucosidaseAlfa
  • Acid Maltase
  • EC
  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type II
  • LysosomalAlpha-Glucosidase
  • Glucosidase,Alpha; Acid
  • Pompe Disease
  • LYAG

Entrez Gene Summary for GAA Gene

This gene encodes lysosomalalpha-glucosidase, which is essential for the degradation of glycogen to glucose in lysosomes. The encoded preproprotein is proteolytically processed to generate multiple intermediate forms and the mature form of the enzyme. Defects in this gene are the cause of glycogen storage disease II, also known as Pompe's disease, which is an autosomal recessive disorder with a broad clinical spectrum. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2016]

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot for GAA Gene

Essential for the degradation of glygogen to glucose in lysosomes.

Protein details for GAA Gene (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)

Protein Symbol:P10253-LYAG_HUMANRecommended name:Lysosomalalpha-glucosidaseProtein Accession:P10253Secondary Accessions:Q09GN4, Q14351, Q16302, Q8IWE7

Protein attributes for GAA Gene

Size:952 amino acidsMolecular mass:105324 DaQuaternary structure:No Data Available

Post-translational modifications for GAA Gene

  • Phosphorylation of mannose residues ensures efficient transport of the enzyme to the lysosomes via the mannose 6-phosphate receptor.P10253-LYAG_HUMAN
  • The different forms of acidglucosidaseare obtained by proteolytic processing.P10253-LYAG_HUMAN
  • Glycosylation at Ser 61, Asn 140, Asn 233, Asn 390, Asn 470, Asn 652, Asn 882, and Asn 925NX_P10253
  • Modification sites at PhosphoSitePlusP10253

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