ATF7 Transcription Factor Activity Assay

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ATF7 Transcription Factor activity assay

Product Description:The ELISA Genie ATF7 transcription factor activity assay allows for the detection and qualitative analysis of endogenous levels of activated transcription factors in a variety of nuclear and cell lysates ELISA Genie ELISA kits are designed to significantly reduce experiment Time: and ensure sensitivity and flexibility for high-throughput screening.
Target Synonyms:Activating transcription factor 7;Transcription factor ATF-A
Detection Target:Phospho-IRAK1(Thr209)
Reactivity:Human, Mouse
Pack Size:12 x 8-Well Microstrips
Detection Method:Colorimetric 450 nm
Format:transcription factor activity assay
Storage and Stability Guarantee:4°C/6 Months
Sample Type:Nuclear or cell lysates
Range:See Technical Manual
Time:4.5 hours

ATF7 Transcription Factor activity assay Protein Information

UniProt Protein Function:Plays important functions in early cell signaling. Binds the cAMP response element (CRE) (consensus: 5'-GTGACGT[AG][AG]-3'), a sequence present in many viral and cellular promoters. Activator of the NF-ELAM1/delta-A site of the E-selectin promoter. Has no intrinsic transcriptional activity, but activates transcription on formation of JUN or FOS heterodimers. Also can bind TRE promoter sequences when heterodimerized with members of the JUN family.
UniProt Code:P17544
NCBI GenInfo Identifier:12643393
NCBI Gene ID:11016
NCBI Accession:P17544.2
UniProt Secondary Accession:P17544,Q13814, Q8IVR8, Q9UD83, A5D6Y4, B2RMP1, B4DQL4
UniProt Related Accession:P17544
Molecular Weight:51,757 Da
NCBI Full Name:Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-7
NCBI Synonym Full Names:activating transcription factor 7
NCBI Official Symbol:ATF7
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols:ATFA
NCBI Protein Information:cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-7
UniProt Protein Name:Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-7
UniProt Synonym Protein Names:Activating transcription factor 7; Transcription factor ATF-A
Protein Family:Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor
UniProt Gene Name:ATF7
UniProt Entry Name:ATF7_HUMAN
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