SRY Transcription Factor Activity Assay

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SRY Transcription Factor activity assay

Product Description:The ELISA Genie SRY transcription factor activity assay allows for the detection and qualitative analysis of endogenous levels of activated transcription factors in a variety of nuclear and cell lysates ELISA Genie ELISA kits are designed to significantly reduce experiment Time: and ensure sensitivity and flexibility for high-throughput screening.
Target Synonyms:Testis-determining factor
Detection Target:Phospho-IRAK1(Thr209)
Reactivity:Human, Mouse
Pack Size:12 x 8-Well Microstrips
Detection Method:Colorimetric 450 nm
Format:transcription factor activity assay
Storage and Stability Guarantee:4°C/6 Months
Sample Type:Nuclear or cell lysates
Range:See Technical Manual
Time:4.5 hours

SRY Transcription Factor activity assay Protein Information

UniProt Protein Function:SRY: Transcriptional regulator that controls a genetic switch in male development. It is necessary and sufficient for initiating male sex determination by directing the development of supporting cell precursors (pre-Sertoli cells) as Sertoli rather than granulosa cells. In male adult brain involved in the maintenance of motor functions of dopaminergic neurons. Involved in different aspects of gene regulation including promoter activation or repression. Promotes DNA bending. SRY HMG box recognizes DNA by partial intercalation in the minor groove. Also involved in pre-mRNA splicing. Binds to the DNA consensus sequence 5'-[AT]AACAA[AT]-3'. Defects in SRY are the cause of 46,XY sex reversal type 1 (SRXY1). A condition characterized by male-to-female sex reversal in the presence of a normal 46,XY karyotype. Patients manifest rapid and early degeneration of their gonads, which are present in the adult as 'streak gonads', consisting mainly of fibrous tissue and variable amounts of ovarian stroma. As a result these patients do not develop secondary sexual characteristics at puberty. The external genitalia in these subjects are completely female, and Muellerian structures are normal. A 45,X chromosomal aberration involving SRY is found in Turner syndrome, a disease characterized by gonadal dysgenesis with short stature, streak gonads, variable abnormalities such as webbing of the neck, cubitus valgus, cardiac defects, low posterior hair line. The phenotype is female. Defects in SRY are the cause of 46,XX sex reversal type 1 (SRXX1). A condition in which male gonads develop in a genetic female (female to male sex reversal). Belongs to the SRY family.
UniProt Protein Details:

Protein type:Nuclear receptor co-regulator; DNA-binding

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: Yp11.3

Cellular Component: nucleoplasm; nucleus

Molecular Function:DNA binding; RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, enhancer binding; transcription factor binding

Biological Process: positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent

Disease: 46,xx Sex Reversal 1; 46,xy Sex Reversal 1

NCBI Summary:This intronless gene encodes a transcription factor that is a member of the high mobility group (HMG)-box family of DNA-binding proteins. This protein is the testis-determining factor (TDF), which initiates male sex determination. Mutations in this gene give rise to XY females with gonadal dysgenesis (Swyer syndrome); translocation of part of the Y chromosome containing this gene to the X chromosome causes XX male syndrome. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
UniProt Code:Q05066
NCBI GenInfo Identifier:548983
NCBI Gene ID:6736
NCBI Accession:Q05066.1
UniProt Related Accession:Q05066
Molecular Weight:23,884 Da
NCBI Full Name:Sex-determining region Y protein
NCBI Synonym Full Names:sex determining region Y
NCBI Official Symbol:SRY
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols:TDF; TDY; SRXX1; SRXY1
NCBI Protein Information:sex-determining region Y protein
UniProt Protein Name:Sex-determining region Y protein
UniProt Synonym Protein Names:Testis-determining factor
Protein Family:SRY-related protein
UniProt Gene Name:SRY
UniProt Entry Name:SRY_HUMAN
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